Easily Submit to Multiple Social Networking Sites

YouTube Preview ImageToday I’ll describe an amazing plugin for WordPress called WPing FM. This plugin will automatically submit every post you make on your website to over 30 different social networking sites. Why would you want to do that? Google ranks sites well if they have a large number of in-coming links, that’s why! So by using this tool, everytime you write anything, it will automatically create 30 plus in-coming links for you. I describe exactly how to set it up in the video above.

Also, a person recently left a comment that he, “wanted a plugin that would display links to his social networking pages.” I also describe a plugin that does just that in the video above. It is called Social Profilr. (No that isn’t a typo, it is spelled Social Profilr) If you also want a video custom made for you, just post your question below. I read all of them.

I wanted to end this post with an opportunity for someone to win an amazing domain name. If nobody knows I have a long list of great names that get tons of hits. Here are a few examples:

  • newthinktank.com
  • guide2earth.com
  • ownwebsitedesigns.com
  • thewebdesignersite.com
  • web-designer-site.com

And a whole bunch more. One person will receive, for free, a high impact domain name! How do you enter this drawing you ask? By just posting a comment or question, anywhere on this website. Happy hunting.

Til next time…

15 Responses to “Easily Submit to Multiple Social Networking Sites”

  1. don nebel says:

    Hey Derek,

    Just wanted yo to know it is very refreshing to see someone take so much pride in their chosen profession…keep up the great work!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Great post. I think that ping.fm now allows the opposite – meaning that I can add my feed to the pin.fm account and ping.fm will perform a “pull” from your blog rather than a “push”

  3. gfxne.ws says:

    veery good meaning that I can add my feed to the pin.fm account and ping.fm will perform a “pull” from your blog rather than a “push” veery good blog

  4. nice post very usefull….

  5. Hello Derek,

    I have an MLM Co., that I would like to acquire new affiliates and business partners in other States, Mexico, Canada and South America. There are a lot of companies out there that “Claim” they can Launch your business to the moon like “mysystemspro.com.” Before I spend any money with help for MLM since it is the first time I have been in one, what would you recommend to Pull Traffic to my Blog on and ethical basis and acquire new affiliates. My company site is myganocafe.com/ganohealthy and the Blog is ganohealthy.wordpress.com. I am going to implement the above and Thank You for all the great Instruction. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Delbert Quintana

    • admin says:

      Hi Delbert,

      Most every MLM system is a scam. I have never come across a so called guru who could ever prove they found the magic bullet for making money online.

      I make my living online, and I gladly give away all of my information for free. I don’t even ask you to give me your email or anything. Here is what I do:

      1. I run online shopping carts that run on free software. Here is a tutorial to help Create an Online Store.

      2. I also run this site and have a pretty popular YouTube channel. Here is one of my how to YouTube videos Get More Views.

      Feel free to ask any questions because I don’t sell anything. My last piece of advice is to trust the advice of those who have made it online. The successful people don’t sell how to videos because they know when it comes down to it, you become successful online if you work at it.

      I hope that helps

  6. roeny roey says:

    This place is magical, men!

  7. Taylor says:

    …think wping.fm would be a good tool for a social networking consulting company managing multiple accounts for small businesses?

    Thanks, I love watching your videos.

    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you 🙂 Really I haven’t had much luck driving interest to my videos on any site, but YouTube. The other sites are very bad at protecting videos from copying as well.

      For example a common practice on many video sites is to copy literally all the videos someone else uploads. Then turn around and file copyright claims against the original uploader. YouTube has easy ways to eliminate that practice. From what I have seen, none of the other video sites do

  8. Jesus M. De Leon says:


    Im new to your site… and love what you are doing. Currently out of work and learning a LOT. THANKS.

    I think you might need to update this post… Cant seem to find much info on wping. Is there any other tool you currently use?

    • Derek Banas says:

      Thank you 🙂 I’m happy it is helping. I don’t really use social networks anymore. I don’t find them to be very useful. YouTube on the other hand is amazing for driving interaction, traffic and is easy to rank well with keyword wise. I hope that helps


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