Marketing Examples : Create Ad Headlines that Sell

YouTube Preview ImageThis article will show you the exact process for creating amazing advertising. It will cover the following topics:

Now we are going to get into the nitty gritty of creating specific ads. The first step in advertising is to study the product your advertising. The more you know about it, the more likely you are to come up with a big idea for selling it.

Your next step is to find out what kind of advertising your competitors are using and to what success. After this information is gathered find out what consumers think of your product and why they would buy it.

The personality of a product is many things – its name, its packaging, its price, the style of its ads and above all, the nature of the product. It of course pays to give the product an image of quality. The brand image makes up 90% of what the company has to sell.

If you don’t think this is true, think about the fact that Marlboro climbed from obscurity to become the biggest selling cigarette brand based off of the same cowboy ad, which has been in use for over 40 years.

Many copywriters fall into the trap of believing that clever wordplay, puns, and cute copy make for a good headline. But think a minute. When you make a purchase do you want to be amused or do you want a quality product at a great price?

We are not in the business of being original. We are in the business of reusing things that work. The challenge is to take what works and apply it to your product in a way that is compelling, memorable, and persuasive.

It is unbelievable how consumers continue to react to the same techniques in the same way. The ad that sold refrigerators one to five years ago will sell them today.

Step by Step: Creating a Marketing Brand

First get all the material possible related to the product including competitors: Ads, Brochures, Catalogs, Articles, Market Research, Letters, Illustrations, Photos, etc.

Questions to ask about your Products or Services

a. What are the features and benefits? ( Write these down )

b. What benefit is the most important?

c. How do you differ from your competitor?

d.What attributes can be stressed that haven’t been stressed by your competitors?

e. What problem does the product solve?

f. How does the product work?

g. How long will the product last?

h. How economical is the product?

i. How easy is it to use?

j. Who has bought the product and what do they say about it?

k. What options are available?

l. What service and support do you offer?

m. Is the product guaranteed?

Answer these Questions about your Customers

a. Who is your customer?

b. What does the product do for them?

c. Why do they need the product?

d. Why do they need it now?

e. What is the customers main concern when buying this product or type of product?

f. What will motivate the buyer to buy?

g. Does the ad have to appeal to more than just the direct buyer?

Determine the objective of the copy in your advertisement?

  • Generate Inquires
  • Generate Sales
  • Answer Inquires
  • Qualify Prospects
  • Generate Traffic
  • Show New Idea
  • Stay In-touch
  • Build Recognition
  • Is This a Marketing Tool

Your Ads Must Follow these Steps

a. Capture the prospects attention. How?

b. Maintain the prospects interest. How?

c. Move the prospect to a favorable action, knowing that unless enough prospects have been transformed into customers, your ad has failed. How?

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      Yes you would use different subjects for email sales pieces. I feel personally a successful email campaign has more to do with attractive design and not spamming more than anything else.

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