Marketing Examples Flyer & Yellow Page Tips

Today I’m going to give some tips on posting Flyers and Yellow Page Advertising. One is an inexpensive way to market and the other is more than likely a waste of your marketing dollars.

Posting Signs

By posting signs you will gain an inexpensive way to establish identity with but a small investment in time. As with all forms of advertising you will once again benefit from others hard work. Below is a list of places to both find and post signs:

  • In front of your business
  • In front of neighboring businesses
  • Bus stations
  • School offices
  • Senior centers
  • College dormitories
  • Fraternities
  • Churches
  • Community clubs
  • Apartment buildings
  • Laundry rooms
  • Grocery stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Car washes
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Utility poles
  • Counters of public places
  • Construction walls
  • Libraries
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Medical centers
  • Waiting rooms
  • Tourist information centers
  • Banks

Go to the above places and write down both the location as well as the companies and phone numbers of those who post there. Sketch specifically effective signs that catch your interest as well. Now take this goldmine of information and call everyone who has posted. Tell them that you are interested in posting signs and would like their expert advice.

Specifically find out where else they have posted, where have they received the best results, and with which signs have they received the best results. After all of this information is gathered you will know were post as well as what selling angles to use in posting.

Apply the templates gained from your sketches to creating your own custom signs. Are you beginning to see a trend in marketing effectively? If it sounds easy the fact is that it is for those who put in enough time. Below I add a few more tips that will help you on your way:

  • Keep consistent with your advertising message and identity
  • 76% of people are sold in your store, so make sure your Point Of Purchase (POP) displays are top knotch. Ask the manufacturers of products you sell for free POP’s as well as any other available market materials
  • Light lettering against very dark backgrounds or vice versa works well for posted signs. Example: Yellow and Black, White and Blue, etc. Keep consistent with your businesses color scheme however
  • Make your sign stand out by doing what your competitors do not. If they use two color signs, then you should use full color and vice versa.
  • Most persuasive words in advertising: you, money, save, results, health, easy, love, discovery, prove, new, safety, guarantee
  • Print “Take One”, and then post more than one sign
  • Hang many different signs, with different offers and analysis which receive the best pull

Spending two days posting and analyzing signs once a month has continually surprised me over the years with great continued pull that rivals many other forms of advertising. I hope you will try this medium and I wish you the same success that I have received.

Yellow Page Advertising

If you invest in yellow pages advertisements make sure you really know what they can do for you before you shell out a great deal of money or change your name to AAAA1 Banking.

The yellow pages is simply a service directory for shoppers who have no preference and basically want only a low price. Since your goal in advertising is to build relationships by establishing quality and not quantity customers I would steer you away from it.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t however buy an add in the yellow pages, but instead that you should buy advertisement. The only reason I have ever had to persuade a small to medium sized business to buy a display ad is when a great deal of their sales are made by phone. When I give this advice I always receive the retort, “How will people be able to find me?” I answer this question by stating, through advertising that will not involve displaying your business next to all of your competitors.

Yellow Page Specifics

  • Find out percentages competitors gain from yellow pages
  • Analysis those ads that attract your attention and ask why, how, and how can I attract customers using the same technique
  • Decide if you should run under many categories
  • If you feel you must buy a display ad, buy an ad just big enough to ensure others can’t dominate
  • List as many facts as possible
  • Aim ad at attracting price conscious now buyers because, this audience frequents the yellow pages
  • Treat ad as personal communication
  • List you except credit cards, checks, etc
  • Provide contact information with special attention paid to your phone number
  • Provide a map if possible to help customers find your business
  • Headline should be no more than six words in length, and it should attract cost effective now buyers
  • Use these words in headline if possible: you, money, save, results, health, easy, love, discovery, prove, new, safety, guarantee
  • Use testimonials or a picture of the owner
  • Provide a guarantee if you can afford having 5% of people to take advantage of it
  • Never ever change the name of your business to appear early in the listings

That’s all Folks

These tips should provide you with the same great results they have provided to me over the years. If you want some examples of good flyers check out The 50 Greatest Ads in History. You’ll also benefit greatly by reading my tutorial on  Writing Headlines that Sell, Writing Copy that Sells, Writing Copy that Sells Pt. 2, and Flyers and Brochure Tips.

Till Next time…

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