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In this article I’ll give you tried and true ways to succeed through newspaper advertising. If you haven’t read Writing Headlines that Sell, Writing Copy that Sells, Writing Copy that Sells Pt. 2, and Flyers and Brochure Tips, you should read those first. There you will find out how to write great copy for your marketing pieces. Now that your ready I’ll cover the specifics on how to market through newspaper advertising.

Newspaper Display Ads
You’ll receive fast results when you advertise in the newspaper, however you’ll escape the attention of those not in the market for your product right now. Because of this fact you want tho aim your ad at price concious now buyers.

You decide on how your ad should look in the same way that you did when picking out a classified ad. Look for ads that catch your eye and have a feeling consistent with your identity. Then look for that ad in papers 6 monthes, 1 year, and even 2 years in the past for that same ad to see if it is successful. Model your ads from those that have been successful.

Now place different ads in those papers in your area each providing a different coupon and ask customers to bring it with them to your store. Now analyze the pull of different papers and ads. From your analysis cut out the losers and then work on analyzing deeper which ads are effective and lastly which day of the week is most effective.

If your starting to see a trend in how to market which is to find which ideas work and use them to sell your product then your on the right track. Marketing really is more of a science than a creative art and if you do approach a marketing company make sure they show you how they came to the design your ad. If they simply say they have creative people that have an idea of what is successful, demand proof.

This is what they should show you:

  • Past ads that have a long life time
  • Advertisements that have a look and feel that would be attractive to your target audience and why
  • Information on which categories you should advertise and why
  • Information on which days of the week would provide you with the best pull
  • Examples that pull from the strengths of others success, but also stick with your identity and are not simply a carbon copy of another businesses advertisement

You want to use the strengths of successful advertisements, however you never want to simply copy. If you do you’ll give your customers an uneasy feeling. At the same time you’ll stray from your identity, and we know from paste reading what Pavlov’s dog did when it received mixed feelings. It stopped salivating when the bell rang.
Newspaper Specifics

  • Ask people at the newspapers if the ad will print well
  • Run ads big enough to dominate page
  • Use small ads that ask for a customer to call for a brochure
  • Provide a map if possible to help customers find your business
  • Ask about volume discounts
  • Use these words in headline if possible: you, money, save, results, health, easy, love, discovery, prove, new, safety, guarantee
  • Use testimonials or a picture of the owner
  • Provide a guarantee if you can afford 5% of people to take advantage of it
  • Best placement: near front, right side, above fold
  • Target “now” buyers
  • Emphasize the word free
  • Mention offer in your headline
  • Add urgency to your offer
  • Put a border around your ad
  • Use different ad sizes, shapes, days, and sections
  • Use short words, paragraphs, and sentences
  • Contact info at the bottom of the ad in bold
  • Must run ad at least once a week minimum

When to Advertise:

  • Sunday has highest readership
  • Monday when aimed at male customers
  • Saturday has high readership, lower competition
  • Thursday and Wednesday are food days
  • Ask paper which day is best for your service

Where to Run Ad

  • General News is the best
  • Sports for males
  • Business section for business people
  • Astrology and advice for high readership
  • Food for food offerings

To quickly overview all we’ve learned. Create template for your ad from other ads that have shown to be successful.
Stick with your established identity. Aim your ad at price conscious now buyers. Tract your results. Keep your ad factual and to the point. And finally run your ad at least once a week on that day which is providing you with the best pull.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions leave them below.

Till next time…

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