Marketing Examples: Writing Copy Pt. 2

YouTube Preview ImageThis article is a continuation of Marketing Examples: Create Ad Headlines that Sell. In this article I’ll go over the following:

Proven Steps for Writing Headline Teasers

  1. Begin headline with word Introducing
  2. Begin headline with the word Announcing
  3. Use words that have an announcement quality
  4. Begin headline with the word New
  5. Begin headline with the word Now
  6. Begin headline with the word At last
  7. Begin headline with the word How to
  8. Begin headline with the word How
  9. Begin headline with the word Why
  10. Begin headline with the word Which
  11. Begin headline with the word Who else
  12. Begin headline with the word Wanted
  13. Begin headline with the word This
  14. Begin headline with the word Because
  15. Begin headline with the word If
  16. Begin headline with the word Advice
  17. Put a date into your headline
  18. Write your headline in news style
  19. Feature the price in your headline
  20. Feature reduced prices
  21. Feature an easy-payment plan
  22. Feature a free offer
  23. Offer information of value
  24. Tell a story
  25. Use a testimonial-style headline
  26. Offer the reader a test
  27. Warn the reader not to delay buying
  28. Let the manufacturer speak directly to the reader
  29. Address a specific person or group
  30. Have your headline ask a question
  31. Offer benefits through facts and figures
  32. Use a before and after style headline

Let’s Get Going
Write a paragraph that describes your product or service including your company as a whole, while keeping in mind that information you have reviewed in this chapter.

On to the Headlines
Now take the information in the previous paragraph as well as from the rest of the chapter and try to write headlines that sell.

Now Ask These Questions of Your Headlines

  1. Does the headline promise a benefit or a reward for reading the copy?
  2. Does it get its point across simply and quickly?
  3. Is the headline as specific as possible?
  4. Does it reach out and grab your attention with a strong selling message?
  5. Does the headline logically relate to the product?
  6. Do the headline and visual work together?
  7. Does the headline arouse curiosity?
  8. Does the headline select the audience?
  9. Is the advertiser’s name used in the headline?
  10. Avoid negatives!

Illustrations and Pictures that Work
After your headline the next place people look in regards to your advertisements is at your picture, if you choose to use them, which you almost always should. Here are tips on using pictures that sell

  1. The subject of your illustration is all important.
  2. The kind of photographs which work hardest are those which arouse the reader’s curiosity.
  3. When you don’t have a story to tell, it is often a good thing to make your package the subject of your illustration.
  4. In a study of 70 campaigns whose sales results were known, Gallup did not find a single before and after campaign that did not increase sales.
  5. Photographs attract more readers than illustrations.
  6. The use of characters known to people who see your advertisement boosts recall.
  7. Keep your illustrations as simple as possible, with the focus of interest on one person. Crowd scenes don’t pull.
  8. Don’t show human faces enlarged bigger than life size. They seem to repel readers.
  9. Historical subjects bore the majority of readers.
  10. Do not assume that subjects which interest you will necessarily interest consumers.
  11. Full color advertisements cost 50 percent more but on average are 100 percent more memorable.

The Best Pulling Photos of All

  1. Men buy products from ads featuring men and women do as well
  2. Brides
  3. Babies
  4. Animals
  5. Famous people
  6. People in odd costumes
  7. People in odd situations
  8. Pictures that tell a story
  9. Romantic pictures
  10. Catastrophe pictures
  11. News pictures
  12. Pictures of Santa Claus or Presidents
  13. Picture of the product in use
  14. A close up picture of the product
  15. Photos pull better than illustrations
  16. The best pulling picture of all is a face looking directly at the reader

Note: Even though the above are the best pulling photos make sure that the photo corresponds to your headline.

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