Marketing Examples: Writing Copy Pt. 2

Were Do We Start

Ok, we got the customer to read the headline and then look at the photo. Now what? You better have a very dynamic first paragraph. Here are some ways to start off your first paragraph.

  • Use an Interrupting Idea: Start with a startling statement or a novel twist that breaks through the boredom barrier that often exists in the mind of the reader.
  • The Shocker: Closely related to the above, however is even more shocking
  • News: Make a current event statement.
  • Preview: A sentence giving a brief preview of the copy.
  • Quotation
  • Story: Begin the copy as if you would a book.

Note: While using the above openings you must stay on track in regards to your headline. If you catch their eye with the headline don’t lose their interest with a disjointed first paragraph.

The Most Important 5% are Reading your Copy (Don’t Waste Their Time)

So that we are still on the same base, lets make sure we are on the same base. The purpose of an advertisement is to:

  • Get attention by providing the strongest benefit through the use of the headline and visual.
  • Recreate a need for your service in the headline and first paragraph.
  • Satisfy the need in the second paragraph.
  • Prove your superiority throughout the following paragraphs through the use of testimonials, product comparison, studies, years in business, and benefit lists.
  • At the end of the ad ask for the order, offer a free sample or coupon and also complete contact information.

Pavlov Teaches us all We Need to know

Ever wonder why Pavlov chose to use sound rather than sight? Simply because it was easier.

He did however later after much work gain the ability to make the dog salivate by showing it a circle by going through the same battery of tests. He even was able to make the dog stop salivating by showing it an ellipse.

He then was able to see the impact on the associative memories he had implanted by slowly making the two pictures resemble each other. What happened will show you the importance of consistency within your advertising campaign.

The dog became highly agitated and the previous conditioning began to lose its effect. Always think of Pavlov’s dog when you lay out your advertising campaign so that you get people to take action through a focused repetitive action.

Mixed signals will only cause the public to ignore your ads completely. This is also true in regards to keeping consistancy between your entire campaign.

Let’s Write a Letter

Exercise: Picture someone you know and write them a letter that describes in detail how excited you are about your new business.

  • Ask yourself while writing will the reader understand what you wrote?
  • Does the letter tell them something important, new or useful?
  • And does this letter enfluence the reader to buy from me?

Here are a Few Tips on Writing in a Conversational Tone

  • Use pronouns – I, We, You, They
  • Use colloquial expressions- a sure thing, turn on, rip-off, O.K., etc.
  • Use contractions – They’re, You’re, It’s, Here’s We’ve, I’m, etc.
  • Use simple words
  • Write naturally even if you might not always be grammatically correct.

How to Add Interest to your Copy

  • Speak directly to the readers life, emotions, needs and desires.
  • Write about real people.
  • Use copy that tells a story.
  • Use testimonials.
  • Write as if you are a friend in a warm, helpful, and sincere way.
  • Offer a free offer or gift.
  • Provide important news
  • Address important issues such as beauty, health, old age, parenting, marriage, home, security, family, careers, education, and social issues
  • Answer important issues society definitely has

What Motivates People

  • To feel important
  • To make more money
  • To save time
  • To make work easier
  • To be more secure
  • To be attractive
  • To be sexy
  • To be comfortable
  • To be happy
  • Need to be liked
  • Need to be appreciated
  • Need to be right
  • To have fun
  • To be knowledgable
  • To be healthy
  • To gratify curiosity
  • For convenience
  • Out of fear
  • Out of greed
  • Out of guilt

Finding the Right Appeal

The most frequent reason for unsuccessful advertising is advertisers who try to sell the best seed while people want the best lawn. Below list how you are
meeting the following strong appeals:

  • Make More Money
  • Save Money
  • Retirement Security
  • Better Health Now
  • Healthcare Security
  • Security in Old Age
  • Advance in Profession
  • Prestige
  • Enjoyment
  • Easier Chores
  • Gain More Leisure
  • Comfort
  • Reduce fat
  • Freedom from Worry
  • What is the strongest appeal of your product or service?

That’s it for now, but I could write forever on marketing if you want. Just comment below on what you would like me to cover.

Til next time…

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