Check or Scan Website for Malware and Viruses

There is nothing worse than having your website flagged by Google for containing Malware. Thankfully, there are many free tools you can use to protect your site from Malware and Viruses. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to protect yourself. For further information on fixing a hacked website click here.

Free AVG Web Page Scanner

AVG LinkScanner will check any web page for suspicious code. To use this tool go to

AVG Scan or Check Website for MalwareThis is a real time check of the page, not a dated previous check, which is very nice. You can click the image to the left for a larger view.

Just type in the captcha code and the web page you want to analyze and hit the scan button. Hopefully your happy with the results that are returned?

AVG also offers free virus protection for your computer on their site.

Google Malware Website Check

Google Scan or Check Website for Malware or VirusGoogle also provides a tool that will check your entire domain for Malware. Just type in your browser. Make sure you type your domain name in the area I have highlighted in blue.

You hopefully will receive the same results I did in this image. If your results are positive you are probably safe from the Google ban, but try the next scan to make sure.

Avast Malware and Virus Website Check

Avast offers another free way to check your entire domain completely. All you have to do is download your whole site to your desktop. Then follow these steps to check the entire site for malware.

Click Scan Computer and then Scan Now. You will want to select the folder that contains your downloaded website by clicking Select folder to scan. Then locate the web site you want looked at and start the scan.

Hopefully your happy with the results?

If you have any questions leave them in the comment section below.

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Avast Check Website for Malware

Avast to Check and Scan Website for Malware

9 Responses to “Check or Scan Website for Malware and Viruses”

  1. I have a question!

    Avast antivirus tells me that my website contains a trojan horse – JS:Redirector-YG[Trj]. It tells this when I open the site very first time in a browser, then afterwards it blocks it. But strangely when I download the whole website and scan it, it doesn’t find anything!

    The question is – WHY?

  2. Chris says:

    When you downlaod all the pages of the website locally, then any encrypted javascript remains “encrypted” – and won’t be recognised by virus scanners.

    Only when the script is run in the browser with active javascript engine is it decrypted and the active malware then detected when it tries to download malware to your computer or other dabgerous actions…

    Turning off javascript in the browser (with NoScript plugin for example) is a great way to protect yourself against most website malware.

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi! Today Chrome say to me that my site is infected by a malware ( but i tryed to scan it with some online diagnostic tool. But… all of them say to me that my site is clear…

    Do you know anything about ?

    Thanks in advance

  4. ashisha says:

    sir i scaned my site on securi also they all are saying no malware found .but Google has black listed .i filled reconsider form also . but still its black listed . sir what to do plz help

  5. Nill says:

    I checked your site and didn’t get any warnings. Google may have just needed some time to update.

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