Free XML Video Tutorial Series

Here I present a video version of my XML Tutorial. I went out of my way to cover nearly all of the capabilities provided to you with XML. If you have any questions or want further information, leave a comment below.

Learn XML Video Tutorial Part 1

Here I introduce XML by covering:

  • XML Basics
  • Explain what it can do
  • Compare it to HTML
  • Explain tags and elements
  • Show you what XML looks like
  • Explain the encoding attribute
  • much more…

Learn XML Video Tutorial Part 2

Here I cover:

  • More XML rules
  • Explain the rules of writing valid XHTML
  • Explain Well-formedness
  • Briefly cover the basics of DTD’s

Learn XML Video Tutorial Part 3

Here I completely cover everything behind creating Document Type Definitions (DTD)

Learn XML Video Tutorial Part 4

Finally I explain XML Schema’s in this tutorial.

If you have any questions or would like a specific subject covered here leave a comment below.

Till Next Time

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37 Responses to “Free XML Video Tutorial Series”

  1. developing developer says:

    Thanks for such a great tut. I hav been finished with part1 and part2 . Do i want to learn javascript before watching the other parts ?

    • admin says:

      It’s probably better to get xml under your belt before you move on to JavaScript. Make sure when you do check out JavaScript to look at the JQuery tutorial. It will make your life much easier. Thanks for the question 🙂

  2. Rahul Khakse says:

    great buddy i bookmark this site and telling about this site my friends very nice thank you

  3. Drewster2000 says:

    Thanks for all the good videos and articles. I just went through all the XML tutorials. They were very helpful.

    I see in the comments that you are going to redo them soon. I have a couple things to mention. The first one is that occasionally the audio snippets get cut off by the next one. You may need to leave an additional second in there.

    The other thing is that it would be helpful if you talked through each piece of the written examples more – even if some lines just get a quick nod. A true beginner like myself is still warming up even by the time they get to the 4th video.

    But I still very much appreciate the effort you’ve put into these.

    thanks again, drew

    • admin says:

      I will most definitely make a new xml tutorial and it will be much more detailed than the current tutorial. Thanks for the input and I’m glad you like my stuff. Thanks 🙂

      • smith says:

        very nice work and helpful to learn xml, i’m aslo encountered same problems and one more suggestion please explain one complete example before going through the details in videos 3 & 4 ,even the user don’t know about the details, at least know what the structure of the dtd document, normally in every programming book they do like this.

      • harshit says:

        really a great job buddy,
        i would say if u’r making other tutorials, please be them like these. be short and quick cuz explaining and reciting everything consumes time, if anybody has trouble with it, plz bother to pause the video and read it yourself. precise and quality videos are really hard to find. plz don’t gets us a Lynda type video.

        Anyway, thank you very much for your efforts.

        • admin says:

          My videos tend to be very quick. I’m glad you like the pace. Many people ask me to make them slower 🙂 What is a Lynda type video and what don’t you like about them? Lynda gets allot more traffic than my site

          • harshit says:

            by lynda type video, i meant the lynda.coms’ tutorials. i don’t mean any offence to them but the fact is that their tutorials are very long and brain sucking…and after watching studying them for weeks you are left with nothing but just some basics. i mean common man we are not child that we need to instructed for every bit of steps. the advantages of your tutorails are that they are quick and covers mostly advance part which one really needs to know and even if someone couldn’t able to understand some parts he can google it out. Lynda gets lot more traffic than yours probably because people are lazy out there.

            • admin says:

              Ok, I had never really paid attention to them. I think I was contacted once by a company similar? They asked me to make videos and that it was more important for the viewer to think they learned something. They wanted as many 3 minute videos as possible. I agree that most of these tutorials would fail if I broke them into 3 minutes in length. I’d probably make allot more money though 🙂

  4. Kofi says:

    I just started to create websites and thought I will learn about it on youtube
    Thank you for your videos Sir.
    Very appreciated…
    Is it ok for me to put links that point to some of your tutorials on my website?

    • admin says:

      I’m glad you like them 🙂

      Sure do whatever you like with the videos. You can embed them anything. Everything is free to use however you’d like

  5. rony says:

    great work man…. keep it up

  6. Anonymous says:

    The content section links on are all broken.

  7. hydershah says:

    Sir, is really helpful site for me and my friends, the only thing which we want is new xml tutorials in new practical style…

    thanks for such really useful tutorials.

    • admin says:

      Thank you. I plan to make a hands on XML tutorial. I just want to make sure I present it in the right format first. Sometimes these videos take a bit longer to make. I’ve been working on an electronics tutorial for 5 months? I just don’t publish tutorials now unless I’m pretty happy with them.

      Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  8. Dan says:

    enjoyed all your XML videos, looking forward in seeing your Iphone and others in the future. Loved the videos you do.

    Keepup the good work.

    Regards Dan.

    • admin says:

      Thank you. I will get into iPhone apps again, but I decided to cover Android first because the competition level is so low. I see great potential there. After I cover that topic in depth I’ll look at iPhone apps again. I hope you like them

  9. hiral says:

    how to download this matirial…
    plz tell me

  10. hiral says:

    how to download this matirial

  11. sajid says:

    I really get astonished while I saw your video tuts. Its not only awesome but also much more in well formatted structure.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can I get the ppts you are using in this tutorial ??
    Thanx in advance

  13. nikhi says:

    hello sir,
    the tutorials were very helpful can you give me some tutorials on xquery and basex?
    because i require them for my project.
    thanking you

  14. hossein says:

    how can i download your tutorials?

  15. tobi says:

    Hi Derek, thank you so much for the tutorials really helps my studying. Im about to study web programming and not sure what to study first, client side or server side. Which would you recommend to have knowledge about before the other?

    Thank You


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