How to Setup Go Daddy Email

I get asked this question almost weekly, so I’m going to provide you with the step-by-step way to set up your email on Go Daddy.

How to Setup Your Email on Go Daddy

  1. Login to your Go Daddy Account and hit Go
  2. Click on My Products in your left side bar
  3. Click on the link labeled Email under My Products
  4. There will be a yellow box in the middle of the screen that opens. Click on the link called Use Credit, which is next to the words Personal Email
  5. On the page that opens, you’ll see in your right side bar a box labeled Setup Free Account. Under that green box click on the domain name you want to setup your email account with and click the Continue button under that.
  6. A box will open that states that the account has been added. Click the close button in that popup window.
  7. Find the account that has been setup. It’s called New Account. Click on the link next to it title Setup Account.
  8. Click on the button labeled Add Address, which is in the popup window that opened on your screen.
  9. On the page that opens, find the new email account you setup and click on the link labeled Add on the right side of the screen.
  10. Type in the new userid, domain name, and password for the new email account. Then check that you want this account to be a catch all. By making this a catch all account, all messages to this domain will go automatically to this email address. If you don’t want that option, don’t click catch all.
  11. Click OK in this popup window.
  12. Your done. Everything has been setup.

Setup Mail Client on Desktop

Every mail client: Mac, PC, or Linux is different, but also nearly the same. Each has a way to add a new email account and that option will be found in your top menu bar. It will be called Add Account, Accounts, New Mail Account, etc. Click on it.

Then just enter the following information into the window that pops up:

  • You want to use a POP or POP3 option
  • Your Incoming Server Address is
  • Your Outgoing Server Address is
  • Then enter the email address and password, you setup on Go Daddy
  • Deselect the option that says: Logon with Secure Password Authentication
  • Check the box labeled: Check Server Requires Authentication
  • Under a tab labeled advanced set the Outgoing Port to 465 & the Incoming Port to 995

Your done and should receive all of your Go Daddy emails on your desktop. If you have any questions leave them below.

Till Next Time

-Think Tank

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  1. mass mailer says:

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    • admin says:

      I have a very content rich and lite on ads newsletter that gets me a 2% boost in traffic when I send it out. I think the success is based on the average age of your recipients. Younger people seem to love newsletters, but my audience skews older. Hope that helps?

  2. admin says:

    Adam asked me how to setup Go Daddy on a Mac. Here is how:

    You don’t have to buy anything to use your Go Daddy email on a Mac. Just
    follow these steps to set everything up

    1. From the Mail menu, select Preferences
    2. Go to the Accounts tab, and then click the plus sign(+) at the bottom of
    the Accounts box.
    3. In the Add Account window, enter your full name, email address and email
    4. Click Continue.
    5. In the Incoming Mail Server screen, select POP or IMAP from the Account
    Type list, and complete your information as follows:


    6. Click continue
    7. In the Outgoing Mail Server screen complete your information as follows:

    Description The name for this mail server (e.g.
    Out Going:
    Check the Use only this server box.
    Check the Use Authentication box, and then enter your User Name and Email
    Address. Click Continue.

    Hope that helps
    Think Tank

  3. Halı says:

    reetings. I follow your site to wish you continued success.

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