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Make a Website Video TutorialHere I have combined all of my website tutorial’s in to one place. If you want, you can learn how to design website’s, using this tutorial. There are 71 Free Video’s in all. This video provides link’s to all of the video’s through YouTube, or you can select the video you want to watch from the list below.

These tutorial’s and the code that belongs with them, is here on New Think Tank.

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9 Responses to “Make a Website Video Tutorial”

  1. I’ve seriously fallen in love with your site this morning. You have a ton of quality information on here that any newbie or pro Internet marketer could benefit from. Just wanted to say I am very appreciative of your hard work. Keep going!

  2. Wow!

    Incredible amount of wonderful information! I’m getting my son to view your videos for his high school Java Class. The teacher explains things in a more complicated fashion than your tutorials.

    I however, have a question. I am NOT a web/db/java/python developer. I work for the Navy. I’m trying to apply natural language processes, python programming, and data visualization to better inform Navy leaders in how to make good decisions. I know, sounds really big, but the idea is simple.

    1. Natural Language Parse for Entities. (natural language toolkit)
    2. Create “boards” to add weights to key/table data based on human understanding.(SQL?, Shelve?, Dictionary?)
    3. Display the network visually. networkx? sort, extract, decide.
    4. Create a module to think through and initiate good responses. Be that newsletters, phone-calls, meetings, or just understanding what is going on. Who are the players and what are they doing.

    So ultimately, 100’s of thousands of “entities (people, events, treaties, groups, businesses, etc) with “grades” and “groupings” Combined with dynamic content on websites, blogs, and newsfeeds. All to better understand what is going on.

    :-‘ I know…a lot but I imagine you get the idea.


    • admin says:

      I’m glad my site is helping your son better understand how to program. It’s kind of funny that I have never received a request to talk about Java? I did create a analysis tool similar to what you are talking about that analyzed information on the stock market. It was very good at creating efficient portfolios based off of covariance analysis. I’m not sure how well versed you may be in regards to statistics?

      I was about to put the Python tutorial to bed, but I’d be willing to focus on the NLT module for Python. I’m a bit confused on how I could create software that would allow Navy leaders to make better decisions however. I work better when people hand me the output that they want a machine to produce. If you could provide a more detailed version of what you want the program to create I would be happy to take a crack at it. This may be a system that would require more knowledge and/or computing power than I have however?

      Thanks for providing me with some new ideas and a new adventure 🙂

  3. rob says:

    I to am in the Navy and am interested in Python. There is a lot of great info on pn, but not much about integrating it into a web page to get output from functions. I’ve been doing the MIT opencourseware on PN, but it only covers the language, and I would like information as to how to incorporate it “smartly” into a web page.

    Thanks for the great site, you are contributing great stuff!

  4. Rasel says:

    I interested to be a web developer. Could you tell me How can I
    start. I know basic html and php, mysql. How i can develop my skills.

    • admin says:

      You are on the right page. This article covers everything you need to know. You must have an intimate knowledge on how to make any web page using just HTML and CSS. Practice making layouts over and over until you can make anything.

      After you nail down those skills move on to learn JavaScript. JQuery is just a set of JavaScript functions that will help you keep your websites cross browser. JQuery also helps with AJAX techniques. Then move on to PHP and you’re done. It sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. I have tutorials on all of these subjects to help you along the way.

      I hope that helps

  5. anu says:

    Derek always enjoy your videos. Will you make a video on membership when you have finished your current projects. I need to learn how to allow visitors to join as memberships and access contents that belong entirely to them. Similar to when I visit my online bank I can see my transactions history and even send messages. I am a training coach and I also prepare fitness details for members and charts and I want also the member to see their own contents and write comments.I am developing a website without using WordPress or similar CMS system, I want to learn this from ground up.

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