AT&T Canceling Unlimited Internet, Unless

AT&T Cancelling Unlimited InternetAT&T announced it will no longer offer unlimited data access on the iPad, or any of its phone’s come June 7th! There is still a way to get unlimited internet for iPad. Sign up for a $29.99 per month plan with AT&T before June 7th and you will be grandfathered in even if you change your device.

If you don’t act by that time, this is what you’ll be stuck with:

  • AT&T New Data Plus: $15/month : 200Mb of download’s : 7 1/2 cent’s for every MB over the 200Mb
  • AT&T New Data Pro: $25/month : 2Gb of download’s : 1.25 cent’s for every MB over the 2Gb

I got signed up for the unlimited, so please do the same soon, or you’ll lose your opportunity.

I know I never do article’s like this and I’m not going to turn into a tech device’s blog. I just wanted to let everyone that comes to my site to know, so they didn’t get ripped off.

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