Gestures and Body Language: Mouth and Legs

Gestures and Body Language LegsToday I’m going to go through all of the Gestures and Body Language Analysis technique’s used to study the legs and mouth. This information was pulled from countless books and law enforcement manuals on body language analysis.

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Gestures and Body Language Legs

  • Information you gain by studying leg and feet positions is extremely useful because people have little control over them.
  • This is why most meetings feel only comfortable if the two people have their legs hidden by a table or a desk.
  • If you want to appear young and vibrant walk quickly while swinging your arms.
  • Your feet will point toward where you want to go.
  • Always offer people hot coffee or tea, that makes it difficult to remain crossed up without burning themselves.
  • Another tip to get a person to unlock themselves is to ask them positive questions that get them to tell you what they are feeling.
  • Never cross your legs and then have both hands cradled behind your head. This is extremely off putting, to women specifically.

Negative Leg Positions

  • The jiggling of the feet is a sign that the person wants to get away from a situation.
  • Open and uncrossed legs show that you are open or dominate while crossed legs show that your closed off or uncertain. This is true whether you
    are sitting or standing.
  • If legs are crossed, the knee points toward what you don’t prefer.
  • Never ask a person to make a decision if they have their legs or arms crossed.
  • If a person has their legs crossed and they are holding them in place with their hands they are feeling stubborn and are in the mood to reject opinions.
  • A person that locks their ankles together is essentially biting their lip and holding back a negative emotion or are just fearful or uncertain.
  • If a person locks one foot around their calf or thigh they are showing signs of timidness. Approach them as a friend in a low key submissive way to relax them.
  • If a person sits oddly in a chair they are showing you that they don’t see you as important and they are very dominate. If they place the back of their chair in front of you, they are in the mood to take control of you.

Positive Leg Positions

  • Women specifically cross and uncross their legs around people they like and more specifically cross their legs in a parallel manor when they really like someone.
  • If a person has one foot moved closer to you, they are really feeling a connection.

What the Mouth Tells us

  • You can check to see that a smile is sincere by checking for wrinkles at the sides of the eyes.
  • If you smile at a person, they will often respond as well. People that smile alot, often will receive positive reactions.
  • When a person is smiling they are often more likely to be telling the truth.
  • A false smile will often appear stronger on one side of the face versus the other.
  • A tight-lipped smile, in which teeth are not shown, tell you that the person is trying to keep a secret.
  • A smile in which the mouth is open is trying to get others to believe you are comical.
  • A smile in which the person has their head turned down and their eyes are aimed upward is used to show that the person is attracted to you.
  • Unless a smile is the same on both sides of the face it is forced and most likely fake.
  • Laughing is attractive and makes you, as well as others, feel comfortable.
  • As people age they will laugh a great deal less. (Preschoolers: 400 times per day, Average adult: 15 times per day)
  • Laughter has more to do with bonding than humor.
  • People who smile are more persuasive
  • Yawning is used by people to build rapport and avoid aggression.

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