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How to Get Motivates Planning SuccessMel wrote in asking How to Get Motivated, so she can achieve her goals? In this article, I will provide you with a step-by-step plan used by psychologists to help their patient’s reach their goal’s.

Most article’s that try to tackle the issue of How to Get Motivated, just provide tips on Smart Planning, Setting Goals, etc. Here I’ll teach you how to rewire your brain so that motivation will be a driving force.

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I’ll introduce you to the following subjects, that you may have never heard of:

  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Visualizing
  • Dissociated View Point
  • Framing

Neurolinguistic Programming

I’ve written many article’s on NLP. You should probably check out my Introduction to Neurolinguistic Programming article if you want more information.

NLP is a branch of psychotherapy that teaches you how to effectively communicate and how to change your mental and emotional behaviors.


By visualizing, I mean imagining or pretending. The better you get at taping into your imagination, the better you’ll get at motivation and ridding your life of phobia’s. Here is the process one goes through when visualizing:

  • Recall an experience
  • Allow your mind to drift where ever that memory takes you
  • Close your eye’s
  • Remember and see what you saw in that experience
  • Remember what that experience felt like
  • Remember the sounds you hear
  • Make the picture big, so that it surrounds you

Here are some thing’s to think about. No matter how you experience the memory, it is the right way for you. Just note whether your memory is:

  • Black & White or Color
  • Surrounded by a frame or panoramic
  • A movie or a picture
  • Far away or up close
  • In stereo or monotone
  • Full of textures or not

The way you experience a past event is personal to you and may change with different memory’s. The preference’s toward remembering past event’s are referred to as Submodalities. Submodalities, to put it another way, are the qualities that make up our visualizations. I wrote an article on them if your interested as well.

Dissociated View Point

When you were visualizing, did you see your self in the memory, or where you experiencing the memory through your own eye’s? A memory in which you see yourself is known as a Dissociated Memory. One in which you see the memory through your eye’s is known as a Associated Memory. Both are fine and I’ll cover them in more detail soon.


By Framing, I’m referring to a Frame of Reference or context. How you frame a situation will define its:

  • Meaning
  • Emotion
  • Value
  • Expected Behavior

Here is an example: Think about how differently the birth of a child effects you if:

  • The child is yours
  • The child is a relative
  • The child belongs to a friend of yours
  • The child belongs to a woman you don’t know in Indonesia

Each will effect you completely differently based off of the context of the birth or your Frame of Reference.

Planning Success : How to Get Motivated

Goal setting, if done in the right way equals success. In NLP, you use the Well-Formed Outcome Model to dramatically increase the chance you will reach your goals. This plan will teach you exactly what you need to do to reach whatever goal you might have in mind.

Do you think that just thinking about succeeding won’t lead to success? Try this test to see exactly how much power your mind has over your body. Just read the bulleted word’s:

  • Test your ability to visualize
  • Imagine you are walking into your kitchen.
  • See the room in bright colors and imagine your feet walking across the floor.
  • See yourself opening the refrigerator door
  • Open the vegetable drawer and see a bright yellow lemon
  • Imagine the lemon in your hand and feel the dimple’s in the skin
  • Take the lemon to the counter and take out a knife.
  • Imagine yourself slicing the lemon in half and then in quarters
  • See the juice glistening on the bright yellow lemon
  • Now bite into the lemon!

Is your mouth watering, or do you feel the bitter taste in your mouth? Why? There is no lemon. Just as your imagination made the lemon real, your imagination will tell your body you have already achieved any goal you want. And, better yet if your mind thinks you have achieved a goal, you will know how to do so step-by-step.

Step’s to Get Motivated

These are the step’s to follow to get motivated:

  • State in positive term’s what you want your goal to be
  • Discover what you’ll see and feel like when you have achieved this goal
  • Change your behavior so that you are unaffected by other’s action’s
  • Discover to what extent you want this goal
  • Analyze what you have to give up to receive the goal
  • Figure out what tools and/or advice you need to achieve your goal
  • Make sure your goal is completely attainable
  • Obtain the goal

State Goal in Positive Term’s

The brain cannot process a negative. What do you think about when I say, “Stop thinking about chocolate cake.” Chocolate cake no doubt. If your goal is to stop eating some other food, substitute that item for the cake.

Your goal must be something you want and not something you don’t want. Every time you think about not eating chocolate cake, you visualize yourself eating that cake. Think instead about the goal to Eat Healthy and Feel Better. Imagine yourself eating healthy great tasting food that makes you look and feel great! (I lost 73 pounds doing this by the way)

It is also recommended that as you are imagining your goal, that you see yourself in the memory (Dissociated). Imagine seeing yourself achieving your goal now. If you do this in an associated frame, you mind will think you achieved the goal already. Remember the lemon? If it thinks you achieved it, it won’t motivate you toward the goal.

Now ask yourself:

  • What is the goal specifically?
  • How do you positively state your goal?
  • Can you clearly see yourself achieving the goal?

What you’ll See and Feel

Imagine now the last time you felt like you where on top of the world. Go there now. What do you see, feel, and hear? Remember the submodalities you use when you are remembering this event. Now use those submodalities while you imagine what you will see, feel and hear; when you reach your goal!

  • If you saw the previous success in color, imagine your goal in color
  • If you heard the previous success in stereo, imagine your goal in stereo

Be Unaffected by Others

You cannot change the way others treat you or what they say. You must discover now, how to change yourself so that you are not effected by their behavior. Ask yourself:

  • Does anyone have the power to keep me from my goal?
  • Do you need help from another to reach your goal?
  • Create a backup plan that you can initiate immediately if another person stops helping you reach your goal.
  • Do you understand that this goal is yours?

To What Extent do you Want this Goal

You must discover to what extent do you want this goal? A great motivational story I heard helped me to stick to my diet. The motivational speaker asked the following:

  • How bad do you want to lose weight?
  • If I told you, without a doubt you will reach your target weight in 5 months, if you don’t cheat. How motivated are you to not cheat?
  • Ok, I know the plan will work. So, in 5 months I’ll be back.
  • How motivated are you, to allow me to cut off your hand, if you don’t reach your target weight?

The motivational speaker said he guaranteed success to those that responded he could cut off their hand. Obviously he wasn’t planning to either way. But, every time I thought about cheating, I looked at my hand and imagined it gone. Great motivator!

So, you must ask yourself:

  • When you want to reach your goal?
  • How will you reach your goal?
  • Why is this goal so important?

What you Have to Give up

You may be asking yourself, “I thought he said not to talk negatively?” That’s right!

If your goal is to lose weight, you can’t just give up the pleasure you receive from overeating. You must find another action that replaces overeating, but still provides the same level of pleasure. You must find these alternatives!

For example: I gave up eating food with high levels of fat, sodium and cholesterol. Sounds impossible until I told myself I was aloud to eat as much food as I wanted as long as it didn’t contain high levels of these 3 things. The goal on that day became 100% attainable!

You must find your alternative!!!

What Tools and/or Advice you Need

If you have come this far, I feel very comfortable saying you have the motivation to reach your goal! You must now list the tools and help required to reach your goals. Remember to have a backup plan if someone isn’t there to do there part! Now ask yourself:

  • What do you need to achieve your goal?
  • Do you know anyone who has achieved this goal?
  • Can you find out how they achieved this goal?
  • Can you copy their step-by-step example?
  • Where there any special circumstances that allowed them to achieve this goal?

Example: I had tried ton’s of fad diet’s and failed. I also saw many other people try fad diet’s and fail. I searching for my tools I respected an article written by Jillian Michaels. It pushed me towards reading the book’s read by Diet Nutritionist’s.

So obvious, but every day millions of people try fad diet’s instead of following these books!

Make Sure your Goal is Attainable

It is! Just ask these question’s to zero in on the how:

  • What must you do step-by-step to reach your goal?
  • What will be your first step?
  • Are there multiple ways to reach this goal?
  • Do you see yourself achieving this goal in your mind?
  • Are you using the submodalities you used when imagining your previous success?

That’s All Folk’s

I hope this helps you get motivated towards achieving your goals Mel 🙂 If anyone has any question’s leave them in the comment section below.

If you have a topic you want me to cover, leave it below as well.

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