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zefrank how to vlogI’m asked in the real world all the time the question, “How do I get rich on YouTube?” I have the answer for you today!

I have been studying all the big hitters for a while now. I will provide your answer and assume these things:

You are not extremely attractive, even though you are I’m sure!
You are not an amazing videographer.

Your not afraid to show your face.

You have a good personality!

If the above apply, you are in luck. As I studied all the most successful Vloggers, I came across one true shining star. His name is ZeFrank. He is, in my opinion, the greatest vlogger ever. He is probably the most successful vlogger as well. And, all the successful YouTubers seem to copy from him, to one extent or another.

Here is a sample of ZeFranks work. Note: If you are offended by a little swearing don’t watch this video. He swears a little.

ZeFrank studied neuroscience, by trade and I think he applied everything he knows about the brain to his videos. I’ll now break down all the techniques he uses. To become successful, just copy as many techniques as you can.


  • He normally starts off every video by acting as if he is trying to chase away new viewers. This creates a feeling that you are in a private club with him. “Are the new viewers gone yet?” (Very Powerful Psychologically)
  • He then addresses you as a club member. (All his club members are called Sports Racers)
  • He refers to himself as Ze, ZeFrank and Knowledge.
  • Often shows a user submitted version of his logo, which is a rubber ducky. (Involves the viewers in the show and who doesn’t like rubber ducks?)

How to Video Yourself on YouTube so Viewers will Love you

  • He always videos his face up close, so that he fills the screen. (Easier to associate with him, because people normally watch small versions of the video on their computer.)
  • He edits his clips down so that there is a constant stream of words. (Doesn’t allow the viewers mind to wander.)
  • Edits out the blinking. (Might be something psychological to this?)
  • Moves his head between edits so that he is constantly moving in the video. (Keeps the viewers attention)
  • Talks to the viewer as if they are having a personal conversation. (Builds the relationship)
  • Tells the viewer he likes them and that they are friends. (Builds the relationship)
  • All videos are 3 to 3 1/2 minutes in length. (Optimum time so the viewer doesn’t get bored. Never go over 4 minute’s in length!)

How to Get More Comments on YouTube

  • Involves viewers by reading their comments. Titles this part of the vlog, showing its added importance. “Something from the comments”
  • Reads the comment from the last person to post a comment. (Creates an atmosphere in which viewers are fighting to make the last comment. Hence, tons of comments are posted.)

How to Get More Ratings on YouTube

  • If you are the last person to comment and you gave the video a good rating, you become the “King or Queen of the Comments!” (Now visitors are inclined to not only comment, but also to provide a good rating)

How to Get Video Responses on YouTube

  • If a viewer video tapes themselves performing a power move, they may be inducted into “The League of Awesomeness!” (Increases the number of video responses)
  • Once a person makes it into the League of Awesomeness, they also get a special code name.

Increase Viewer Activity on YouTube

  • Creates fun games that viewers can participate in like the “Earth Sandwich Project.” Here viewers team up to place a piece of bread on the ground at the exact opposite sides of the Earth.
  • Shows clips from other influential vloggers. Then people comment that they saw their video on the ZeFrank show. Then those people go to watch the ZeFrank show. (Technique used to infiltrate other popular Vlogs.)
  • Provides the viewers with the opportunity to create the format of his show. “Fabuloso Friday”

Build a Community of Viewers on YouTube

  • Sells T-Shirts emblazoned with the Sports Racer logo, that was created by fans.
  • Gives away Sports Racer ringtones, with the Sports Racer theme song.
  • Posts on a daily basis. (Creates a daily routine, where the viewer has to watch the new ZeFrank show.)
  • Use odd phrases that make the viewer feel like an insider. “Yes no I this is”, “I’ve got the walnuts, show me the baby”, etc.

How to Format an Interesting Show on YouTube

  • Mix serious news with comedy. (Some people like news, some like comedy, but everyone likes ZeFrank.)
  • Takes viewers on trips to places they may not have the opportunity to visit.
  • Created music videos that explained the news or where just pure comedy.
  • Break the show down into pieces that have a short theme song and funny name. “Things I like that are gay”, “Say the opposite”, “Something from the comments”, etc.
  • Attack someone that the general public doesn’t like. In ZeFrank’s case, he attacked George Bush.
  • Tell funny stories about photos. “President Bush pictured here wishing he had a mustache”, “Alberto Gonzalez pictured here patting the invisible man on the back”, etc.
  • End the show with an interesting closing, to reestablish the brand. “This is ZeFrank, thinking so you don’t have to.”

Other Random ZeFrank Vlogging Techniques

  • Talks to imaginary co-workers.
  • Posts video’s of his mistakes.

Other Vlogger Tricks

  • Another trick people use to get more views, is to post an opening title screen that is interesting. “Celebrity”, “Odd photo”, etc.
  • Obviously, an interesting title will draw attention.
  • Many attractive Vloggers get away with just being attractive.
  • The more videos you post, the better chance you have of hitting on a subject the masses may be interested in.

Wrapping Up

That’s pretty much everything I learned from watching the best Vloggers. I don’t necessarily think ZeFrank planned to do all that he did to trick people into watching him. I instead think he aimed to create a very entertaining show. In my opinion and in the opinion of millions, he succeeded.

Post a comment below to become “The High Muckity Muck of the comment’s.”

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7 Responses to “How to Video Blog”

  1. billy says:

    long post but quite educational.

    • Pat says:

      Wow! 2 years later and I’m still high in ‘the muck’ 🙂 Very useful info. as is everything else I’ve watched and read from you Derek. I’ve learn so much thru your tuts. One of the biggest reasons i’ve choose to keep learning different topics from you rather than any other is the sytle in which you do your video tuts. simple. quick. to the turn. i appreciate how u edit out the dead space/noise! Thanks again! P.S. I would love to see more videos on Python. More specificly programming GUIs. MORE specifically with Glade-gtk2… on Ubuntu LOL! …but seriously. I know it’s super specific, but it’s like job security for you! And even if you can just do more videos that teach me about GUI’s w/Python, that’s cool too.

      • admin says:

        Hi Pat, Thank you very much for taking the time to show your appreciation. I definitely plan to dive back into Python in future tutorials. When I was making those tutorials nobody seemed interested. Since then, they have become quite popular though.

        I was planning on covering Glade with my future C and C++ tutorials. I also am working on creating new interactive tutorials on the subjects of electronics, chemistry and microbiology. I’ve always thought electronics and chemistry tutorials would be fun to do on an atomic level.

        You can expect many more tutorials. I’ll do my best to keep them interesting. Thanks 🙂

  2. Beto says:

    Im clapping my hands right now. Thanks for share those amazing techniques

    • admin says:

      Thank you 🙂 Ze Frank is the best. Pretty much everyone that is successful at video blogging takes a lot from him. I wish you the best

  3. Alanna says:

    Thank you so much! I’m doing a report in school right now for a dream job and how to get it, so this and all your other tutorials on how to become a successful youtube partner have been very helpful. Even aside from the report, these are all very useful tetchniques to help me become one in the future.

    • admin says:

      You’re very welcome. What types of videos are you interested in making? The easiest way to become a YouTube partner is to just start making videos. The first 25 – 50 will probably turn out bad, so you need to make many of them until you find your voice.

      When I started nobody was willing to give any tips in regards to equipment you need, topics, length, format, etc. I’ll gladly give you my opinion on any of these topics. Feel free to ask questions. I also have a pretty good idea on who is the best on YouTube based on your chosen topic.



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