Illustrator CS5 Review & Tutorial

Illustrator CS5 Review TutorialI just received, the just released version of Illustrator CS5. Here I’ll show you everything new, give you tutorial’s on how to use those new tool’s and provide an overall review. (Video Below)

PRO’s: The new bristle brush tool provides a great new way to draw in Illustrator CS5. Amazing ability to past image’s into text. Having the ability to draw into path’s is very useful. The perspective tool is very cool. I can’t wait to create city scene’s with it!

CON’s: Still cannot create multiple page layout’s in one eps file?

I’ll specifically show you how to use the following new tools:

  • How to use the new Bristle Brush tool
  • How to use the Perspective Grid system
  • How to Create your own brush’s
  • How to trace images and convert them into path’s
  • How to paste into editable text
  • How to draw inside of a path
  • How to manipulate your artboard’s
  • How to perform easy path join’s
  • And a bunch more…
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