Sample Menu’s Marketing Examples

Dennys Sample Menu Marketing Example 5After I put up my list of top restaurant food’s I received an email asking, “How are we supposed to start a restaurant without a nice menu?” So, here I provide some of the best restaurant Menu Marketing example’s.

I looked at hundreds of menu’s last year, and I have to say in my opinion Denny’s knows how to design a great menu. I don’t know about the food, but the menu’s are amazing! There goes my Denny’s sponsorship:)

I put tons of menu’s through focus group’s and Dennys won by a wide margin. I also included a few menu’s from TGI Friday’s because they won second place. I have other menu’s and if you want to see all of them, leave a comment down below.

Here to Serve

Think Tank

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  1. Anonymous says:

    you need to get a hold of one of their kids menu’s. the one with the sport’s theme. there is subliminal advertising on it. the picture of the pancake puppies being used as basket balls. the court looks like 2 penises

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