WordPress Problem’s Solved Pt 2

Wordpress Problems SolvedIn this article, I’m going to continue going over the most common problem’s people have with WordPress. If I don’t cover an issue you are having, leave your question in the comment section below. Here I’ll show you:

  • How to make a static home page in WordPress
  • How to change the number of post’s that are displayed
  • How to use the more tag
  • How to properly cut & paste content into WordPress
  • How to get a ranking boost with permalink’s
  • Which security plugin’s to use
  • How to upgrade WordPress
  • How to Make a Favicon
  • How to Forward from One Site to Another

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How to make a static home page in WordPress

Many people think you can’t use WordPress for anything, but blogging. You can easily create a normal non-blogging website. All you need to do i:

  • Make the page you want to be used as your home page
  • Create another empty page, that you’ll use for blogging
  • Click on Setting’s in your left sidebar
  • Click on Reading in the left sidebar, under Settings
  • Click in the radio button next to the word’s A static page (select below)
  • Select your the home page you want to use in the drop down, next to the words Front Page
  • Select your blog page, next to the words Posts Page
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen

Now you have a static home page!

How to change the number of post’s that are displayed

On the same page you set your static page up on (Settings:Reading), you can change the number of post’s that are displayed. By default, you will display 10 post’s. You can see this number next to the word’s “Blog pages show at most”. If you want to change the number of post’s displayed, just change the number 10 to the number you want displayed. Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button.

How to use the more tag

Wordpress More TagWhat is one difference between professional and amateur sites? Professional site’s provide abbreviation’s of their post’s on their home page. When your done typing your post’s, click after the first paragraph and then click on the more button. You can see it in this photo surrounded by a red square.

Now if you start all of your article’s with a brief introduction to the content, people will be able to quickly decide if they want to read it.

Everything you do on your site, should aim at helping your visitor’s find what they are interested in and avoid what they are not.

How to properly cut & paste content into WordPress

Paste Text into WordPressIf you cut and paste from Microsoft Word, or any other type of document, you need to use the Paste as Plain Text or Paste From Word tool’s. You can see both of these tool’s to your left, surrounded by a red box.

If you are pasting text from anywhere but Word, click on the button with the folder with a T on it. Then paste the text into the popup that open’s on the screen. This will keep your text uniform and without stray symbol’s.

If you are pasting from Word, use the tool next to it instead.

How to get a ranking boost with permalink’s

If you don’t set up permalinks, the URL’s for all of your post’s will look like this www.yoursite.com/?p=123

Search engine’s pay attention to the name’s you give the directory’s on your site. Wouldn’t be nice if you could automatically name all of your directory’s with your keyword’s? Maybe not the most exciting moment, but by following these step’s you will get a nice boost in your page rank:

  • Click on Settings in your left sidebar
  • Click on Permalinks
  • Click in the radio button, next to the word’s Month and name
  • Click the Save Changes button

Now you will save your post’s in directory’s named after your keyword’s.

Which security plugin’s to use

With the wave of website’s being hacked everyday, there is a way to cut down on hacker’s. Here are great plugin’s that will help keep them at bay. Just download them, and click activate.

  • WordPress Firewall by SEOEgghead: This plugin will keep everyone from editing your website, except for your ip address. You have to define your ip address under the setting’s for this plugin.Just copy and paste your ip address, which is on the setting’s page into the text labeled Whitelisted IP’s. Your IP address is listed on the same setting’s page. Then click the Set Whitelisted IP’s button.
  • AntiVirus by Sergej Müller: This plugin help’s protect you from spammer’s injecting malicious code in your comment’s

Sucuri Security will keep you from worrying about hackers also!

How to upgrade WordPress

It is extremely important to always keep WordPress upgraded. Many of the upgrade’s are security upgrade’s, so by upgrading you’ll also keep hacker’s at bay.

Normally, when there is a WordPress Upgrade available you will be alerted by a red bar at the top of your dashboard page. However, you may on occasion come to your dashboard and it will be all mangled. When it happens you’ll know what I mean. Just upgrade WordPress and everything will be fixed for you. Here is how:

  • Click on Tools in your left sidebar
  • You may be alerted by: You have the latest version of WordPress. You do not need to upgrade
  • If you want to, just click Re-install Automatically and wait for it to install

How to Make a Favicon

If you go to a major web site, they will probably have a Favicon. You can see mine next to my URL at the top of your browser screen. It’s my logo. Also, when you bookmark my site, it will show up next to my website name, in your bookmarked or favorite site’s bar. To get one:

  • Create a 16 x 16 pixel version of your logo, or what ever you want.
  • This can be done in almost any paint application. Gimp is a great free photo editing application.
  • For the best effect you should paste your logo on a transparent background, but white or whatever is fine also.
  • Then save the image as an icon, with the ico extension.
  • Upload the image to your root directory and the search engine’s will find it.
  • You should also provide the following tag on all of your page’s <link rel=”icon” href=”directory/logo.ico” type=”image/ico”>

How to Forward from One Site to Another

It’s very easy to forward visitor’s from one of your site’s to another. You might do this because you have a new better site, or one of your site’s is down for construction?

Just paste the following code in the header section on your index.html page.

<META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT=”5; URL=http://www.yoursite.com”>

The number 5 represents the number of second’s you want the webpage to wait before it issue’s the forward. 5 will provide a 5 second wait time before forwarding.

That’s All Folk’s

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