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Brain IdeasMary Beth wrote in and asked, “Do you have any Psychic Tools I can use to act like I can read minds? Any psychic trick’s would be welcome.”

This website wasn’t meant to teach these tricks, but I’ll give it a whirl. I’ll also teach you how to read lips at the same time because this was another question recently sent to me.

First a Party Trick

Would you like to be able to fool people into thinking you have a Psychic friend who is just a phone call away? This trick will work everytime as long as the psychic friend answers the phone? Tell the friend that when you call they should:

  • Start rattling off the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, … J, Q, K, A (with a slight pause between each)
  • You will say, “Hello psychic friend”, when they get to the right face card number
  • Now they will say, “Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds”
  • When they get to the right suit say, “Please predict my friends card” and hand the mark the phone

Note: You could also make a statement that begins with the letter of the proper suit to make the trick that more amazing. Diamond – “Do you have the psychic there?”

Psychic Trick Speed Reading

Now, I’ll read your mind from across the internet:

  • You are often critical of yourself.
  • Some people find you hard to deal with. But, your a very nice person once people get to know you.
  • You have a need to have other people like you.
  • You have considerable abilities that you have trouble using to get ahead
  • At times you have doubts as to whether you have made the right decision in the past or not
  • While you act as if your in control, you often feel very insecure
  • Your proud of the fact that your an independent thinker and don’t accept others beliefs without proof
  • You prefer a certain amount of variety and change in life
  • You know deep down that some of your aspirations are unrealistic
  • You don’t like feeling as if you are restricted or limited from doing what you want
  • You have found it is a bad idea to tell people the truth all of the time
  • And, finally security is one of your major goals in life

It’s extremely easy to get someone to think you can read their mind. Just follow this script and you’ll have them eating out of your hand. All I did here was state a bunch of truism’s.

What is Concerning You?

I love studying eye accessing clues. They tell you so much about how a persons mind work’s. You could start off your psychic reading by saying:

  • “I want to get in tune with you.”
  • “I want you to either see now something you’ve seen that is bothering you?”
  • “Or, think about something you heard that might sound right?”
  • “Or, maybe you feel something that occurred to you is more important?”
  • “Make your choice, and I’ll devine which is more important.”

If you prod them to think about these situation’s intently, their eye’s will move in very specific directions.

  • If they are remembering something they saw, they will look up and to your right.
  • If they are remembering something they heard, they will look sideways and to your right.
  • If they remember a feeling, they look down and to their left.
  • If in doubt focus on what they saw

Think of a Name : Takes Practice

Psychics ask people to think of a name and then go on to tell them who they are thinking about. How do they do this? I’ll explain how this is done in a cold read situation. Of course they could just:

  • State common names like: James, John, Robert, Michael, William, David, etc.
  • Gather the information ahead of time

If they did neither of these, they could just read your lips. When someone is trying to think of a word they mouth out part, or all the word unconsciously. If you get them to sit up straight you can clearly see these slight mouth and throat movements.

If you don’t catch them mouthing out the name the first time, give them an embedded command by saying, “don’t …(pause)… say it out load.”

I’ll list every mouth and throat movement in a second. If you are having trouble, instead ask them to think of a single digit number that is important to them.

Think of a Number from 1 to 9

More than likely it will be 7 because a high percentage of people pick that number when they are asked this question. But, we are going to instead read their lip’s. Here is how:

  • 1: The lips will round, like they are making a W sound
  • 2: The tongue touches the back of the upper teeth and the roof of the mouth
  • 3: The tongue appears between the teeth
  • 4: Bottom lip touches the top teeth and they make a slight frown
  • 5: Bottom lip touches the top teeth and they make a slight smile
  • 6: Tongue lightly touches the roof of the mouth and they make a slight smile
  • 7: Tongue lightly touches the roof of the mouth and they make a slight frown
  • 8: The lower lip bends into a smile
  • 9: You’ll clearly see the bottom of the tongue

Lip Reading

Below are the mouth movements used when speaking:

a: Tongue is pushed into the bottom of the mouth and eye browse raise

b: Both lips close and then reopen

c: Tongue is pushed into the bottom of the mouth and the eye browse don’t raise

d: Tongue touches behind upper teeth and then appears between teeth

e: Tongue pushes on the back of the bottom teeth

f: Bottom lip touches the top teeth

g: Tongue is arched in the mouth and lightly touches the back of lower teeth

h: Mouth moves as if person is exhaling

i: Tongue touches the top of the lower teeth

j: Tongue touches the roof of the mouth, teeth touch and then part

k: Tongue arches and presses into back of lower teeth

l: Tongue touches the bottom of the upper teeth

m: Lips pucker and then reopen

n: Tongue touches right behind upper teeth

o: Mouth makes an o shape

p: Lips pucker, mouth inflates and then an exhale

q: Tongue arches and mouth slowly starts to close but doesn’t

r: Mouth puckers but doesn’t close and then parts to form an upper case o

s: Tongue appears between the teeth as the jaw remains slack

t: Tongue touches behind the upper teeth and then falls to the bottom of the mouth

u: Similar to o, because they sound alike

v: Lower lip touches the upper teeth

w: Lips pucker but don’t close and then form an o shape

y: Face makes a slight snarl and eyebrows drop

That’s All Folk’s

I hope you had fun with this? If you have any other question’s leave them in the comment section below.

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23 Responses to “Psychic Tools & Lip Reading”

  1. really very wonderful concept…I enjoyed allot…

  2. kailas Sutar says:

    I am a psychologist and hypnotherapist, Its very effective, i Know Derren Brown use these techniques very effectively to mind reading, thanks you….

  3. Eric says:

    How about something about speed reading? I’ve been trying myself lately and I’ve been improving but i think it would be awesome to give people this skill.

    • Eric says:

      Sorry for repost, but do you have any suggestions for speed reading content to begin with? I understand to get it up to a good speed, you won’t catch the whole text in the beginning because of the shock of speed you need to practice at. I don’t necessarily want to read a book I won’t understand, so would it be worth speed reading random articles often? I guess you could also read an old book over.

      • admin says:

        I can speed read an average text book page in about 3 seconds. I’m pretty fast. The number 1 skill you have to develop is to fight the need to speak out the words as you read. We naturally do this as we read and it slows down our ability to speed read.

        I learned to do this by tracing the words as I read. I progressively moved my finger faster and faster side to side. After a while I started ignoring all but the verbs and nouns. After you do that you’ll be able to read by moving your finger down the page.

        It will take you a while to develop this skill, but I think it is worth the effort. I can now read a pretty dense technical book in about an hour. I then retain that information at a high level for a few days. The only issue I have is that I soon there after forget what I read. That may be because of how I process information, or it may be because I read a few books a day?

        There are my tips on speed reading. I hope that helps?

  4. kryzztaz says:

    Could you please suggest me the book which you learned this mate??
    You must be a real blast to talk to and chill with.

    • Derek Banas says:

      I’m sorry, but I can’t remember the books I learned this from. I picked them up decades ago when I was in high school. I used to do stuff like this and other magic tricks all of the time. A good book on simple magic tricks would cover things like this. I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  5. kryzztaz says:

    It wouldn’t be a book by Ormond??
    I’ve been looking for years, I know that mouth movements could reveal thoughts regarding pronunciation… I’ve settled using eye reading, to get individual letters.

    • Derek Banas says:

      This looks like a great book Speechreading: A Way To Improve Understanding. I learned from very old books and a ton of practice. It takes time to learn this technique. It is great fun to read lips though 🙂

    • smith says:

      Hi buddy,

      You have mentioned that you have settled using eye reading, to get individual letters. Is it really possible?
      Can you please show me the way of doing this.

      I will be highly grateful to you , if you can help me with this.

      You can contact me on my mail id (, just in case.

      Please reply and help me.

      Thanks a lot!

      • Derek Banas says:


        To do this you have to learn to read lips. I learned from a video I rented from a library a long time ago. I believe it was called
        Read My Lips from the notes I have. has some exercises on their site.

        I hope that helps 🙂


        • Smith says:

          Hi Admin,
          I believed what u said and tried and learned lot from the site, and now I am good at it but the problem is how to guess the word when someone doesn’t even shows any lip movement.
          For example, a mentalist like derren brown asks a person to think of a name, derren brown successfully tells what name he thought off , even though the person doesn’t makes any lip movement.
          I seriously want to learn this art. I have practiced a lot from the site, as you said and now can successfully read lips when there is lip movement, but how to perform acts, like mentalist do.
          Please help me.

          • Derek Banas says:

            It takes a long time to master this stuff. People like Derren Brown aren’t going to teach their secrets. I think much of it is mastered through practicing. Learning how to put a person into trance will also help you. That way when they are in trance they will respond the the command “don’t …(pause)… say it out load.”

            Spend more time practicing how to hypnotize people. Here are some things to try Hypnosis Instant Induction.

  6. kryzztaz says:

    I have read Lip reading books but I don’t even know why I’m asking for the book lol
    I’ve used this technique in forces and card tricks, all the time. I guess, the assurance is all I need.

  7. kryzztaz says:

    I’m surprised that you haven’t mentioned glottal stops for the K sound.

  8. dan says:

    I would like to know a book that shows these skills too but the lip reading/speechreaing books are all good but there movements are so subtle when doing apparent mind reading, anyone else know another source of this, I would like to hear about the throught reading also, as lipe are all that is mentioned here but when you are thinking a letter like g or any of the letters where the tounge stays in the mouth and there mouth is slightly closed I want to know more in depth on what I’m looking for, I see Ormand was mentioned, who is this? I’ve never heard of them can they guide me in this or is there a book that directly deals with psychic lip/throat

  9. Smith says:

    I tried it many times with the technique,which you have suggested but it seems nearly impossible to catch the facial cues when someone is not speaking. Can you put up few videos regarding picking up facial cues when some one is not speaking in order to guess what other person is thinking (Like many mentalists do, in order to guess what the other person has thought off).
    I will be highly grateful to you if you can put up explanatory video for this.

    Thanks a zillion!


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