Selling System & Sales Script Video Series Pt 1

Girl Following Sales ScriptHere is my whole Selling System & Sales Script Video Series. Here I’ll cover:

1. My Selling System

2. How to Create a Sales Script

3. Numerous Sales Strategies

4. How to Make Cold Calls

5. How to Sell Value

6. Closing Techniques

7. How to Identify the Customers Needs

8. And, much, much more…

Telephone Sales Script : Phone Selling System

I used to write hugely successful Telephone Sales Script’s for major corporation’s. Here is a 3 part video series that explains in detail the Sales Script’s I used. If you want to see the original Phone Sales Script article, here it is: Telephone Sales Script : Phone Selling Systems.

Here are the video’s

Rapport Building or Winning Friends Influence

Here I go over the technique known as rapport building. The definition of rapport is the development of a close and harmonious relationship in which two or more people understand each other and can communicate well. By following these step’s, you’ll get customers to trust and respect your advice. You must grasp these concept’s if you ever want to excel in sales. Here is the original article Get People to Like You : How to Win Friends Influence

Here is the video

How People Make the Decision to Buy

I show how the selling system takes advantage of Pre-programmed Responses. I also go over:

  • The Yes Set
  • Why we Return a Favor for a Favor
  • The Power of Consistency
  • How to Get a Commitment
  • How to Use Bandwagoning in Sales
  • How to Act as an Authority
  • How to Use Implied Scarcity to Sell

How People Make the Decision to Buy Part 2

I show you the exact process people go through in their mind’s before they decide to make a purchase. I’ll teach you how to high-jack that process to dramatically improve your sales results.

That’s All for Now

There are 6 video’s that will dramatically improve your ability to sell. Come back tomorrow, for another 5 video’s that will turn you into an amazing salesman or saleswoman!

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4 Responses to “Selling System & Sales Script Video Series Pt 1”

  1. Wes says:

    Found your vids while searching for regular expressions….. got sucked into your sales vids. Great stuff…. my desk is now full of 3×5 notecards full of notes.Good luck!

  2. Ena S. says:

    I just started a telemarketing job, giving stuff away (e.g. free vacations if customer take a tour/ sales presentation, but I just call it a tour), and it’s a lot tougher than I thought. Anyway, I am going to pur your advice into practice when I start working later today. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this valuable information.

    • admin says:

      The hardest part about telemarketing is believing in your product. If you truly believe in the product to the extent that you don’t understand why anyone would say no that is when you’ll sell like crazy. I closed 73% of my debt consolidation calls with cold clients. A debt consolidation is considered a tough close because they have to give you a SSN, bank account and credit card numbers. I closed them because I couldn’t understand why they would say no.

      If you however find that an employer is trying to get you to sell a bad product, you have to find a new job. Joe Girard, the greatest salesman in history quite his job selling GM cars soon after he no longer believed GM made the best automobiles. Take a clue from the best ever and make sure you sell the best 🙂


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