Selling System & Sales Script Video Series Pt 2

How to Get Motivates Planning SuccessHere is the rest of my Selling System & Sales Script video series. Here I cover:

  • Identifying Needs
  • Establishing the Yes Set
  • Testing Rapport
  • Why Customer’s say No
  • Subliminal Selling Techniques
  • Closing Techniques
  • Handling Objections
  • The Closes
  • How to Get Referrals

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment section below. All of the articles associated with these video’s are available here:

Now on to the Selling System Video’s

Sales & Closing Strategies Pt 3

Identifying Needs, Establishing the Yes Set, Testing Rapport and Why Customer’s say No!

Sales & Closing Strategies Pt 4

Complete Coverage on How to Utilize the Yes Set

Sales & Closing Strategies Pt 5

Here I cover how to Utilize Subliminal Selling Techniques

Sales & Closing Strategies Pt 6

Closing Techniques and Handling Objections

Sales & Closing Strategies Pt 7

Closing Techniques and The Closes

How to Get More Referrals

Here I present a completely original way to get tons of referrals.

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2 Responses to “Selling System & Sales Script Video Series Pt 2”

  1. Trev says:

    Hey I’m Trevor and I am writing a script for my cleaning company, I’m using the Information I’ve gathered here to the best of my ability and I hope effectively. I am interested in your opinions and criticisms of the script, not in having you write the script. If you like to eat at restaurants that value food safety you’ll like eating at restaurants serviced by Orders Up!
    Smile then Dial
    o Me: Hey this is ___ From Orders Up! I was wondering if I could speak to the Manager. Yes 
    o No/About/He’s Busy – Me: About your Kitchen cleaning Service. {or/then} “Tough “bulldog”” It’s About the BILL from your Kitchen cleaning Service.
    o Not here  Me: Would you take a note? [Give Business Info] “Hey everyone needs a smile, yes? Would you put a little smiley face on that note for me? Thanks!”

    Smile then talk fast
    o Me: “Hey this is ___ From Orders Up!”
    o Me: “how are you today, pretty good?” “ Yes”
    o Me: “The reason for my call, is recently we mailed you some information regarding your facility maintenance, you may have seen that right?”
    o Client: “No?” (Don’t worry about this no)
    o Me: “I understand, well let me check my information to make sure I’m talking to the right person.”“Is this Ms. Client? “Yes”…(down info box)”
    o *Me: “Client 1st, I have that information for you, and I will be providing it on Mon and Thu this week, which works better for you?”
    o Client: “Why don’t you just mail it?” ( Gotcha )
    o Me: “Well, Paul I tried that once before, you didn’t get it and I wouldn’t want that to happen again. Right?

    Client: I’m Busy
    o (Busy1)I was going to ask if you were interested saving some money on your project/facility Cleaning/Maintenance, but you actually sound kind of busy, yes? Let’s meet. Mon/Thurs? Are mornings or afternoons better?
    o ‡ (B.Opt1)When would be a good time for me stop by and grab a {Burger} talk business, or (hell?) at the very least get me out of the office…
    o (B.Opt2) would it be easier if I just stopped out and met with you Mon/Thurs? ( I promise I will only bug you for 5-7 minutes)
    o (Busy2) Ms Contact, the only reason I was calling was to set an appointment. Would next Thursday at 1pm be okay?

    Client: What do you do?
    o (What1) Me: ”We guarantee your Location(s)(restaurant)/Facility/Project is Food Safe/Maintained/Move-in Ready for your customers because we know you have obligations, yes?” We can help, I can stop by Monday or Thursday.
    o (What2) Me: “We provide Cleaning of problem areas and set up maintenance schedules to keep you in great shape. Let’s meet. Mon/Thur?
    o (What3) Me: We do Wall, and Floor work, but we also do deep cleaning of equipment like deep-fryers and ovens and we have Industry partners to take care of remodeling/New locations builds. And many more services, I would love to tell you about them. How’s Mon/Thurs?
    o (What4) Me: I’m a salesperson and would love to get off the phone how about I stop out Mon/Thurs? Are mornings or afternoons better?
    o (What5) Your being Trolled

    Client: No thanks, I’m happy with what/who I have
    o (Hppy1)Me: “It’s great that you work with XX. I recently spoke to the people over at (Taco Bell) and they said that what we had would really complement their current cleaning program””You know something, we should get together. How about next Thurs at 1pm or are AM’s better?
    o (Hppy2)Me: “I understand that your current system works for you, yes? Let me stop by and show you how to save money how’s Mon/Thurs?”

    Client: I’m not interested / No
    o (No1) Me: “Well Mr. XXXXX, a lot of people had the same reaction you did when I first called — before they had a chance to see how what we do will benefit them. We should get together. How about next Thurs at 1pm?”
    o (No2) Me: “Thank you for your time I know it’s valuable, I’ll be in the area Thurs afternoon maybe I’ll stop in for a {Steak} could we chat then?”
    o (No3) Me: ”Ok then, just one favor please? Have a great afternoon!”

    • Derek Banas says:

      They all look good. You should get a few yeses up front though. It is always best to assume you are talking to the right person. Then verify that they are who they say. If you are local to them it is also a good idea to get a yes in reference to a local event they will know about. You did an excellent job!!!

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