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Get People to Like youArnold549 wrote in and asked, “I’m looking for more information on Generation Marketing. Do you have any information on the generations differences? What do you have on marketing to the greatest generation, x generation, generations y, and millenial?”

Each generation is marketed to in completely different ways. By targeting a group by marketing in a way similar to other companies that have found success marketing to a specific generation you can really stand out.

The Silent Generation (1925 – 1945)

The children of war and the Great Depression grew up in an era where conformity equaled success. They appreciate discipline, hard work, and self-denial and overall are socially and financially conservative.
They distrust change and would prefer the status quo and a major worry to them is outliving their assets.

Communicating to Them

  • Distinction and honor are key marketing factors
  • Promote convenience and accessibility along with a “you earned it” attitude
  • They prefer formal communication, both written and oral, and value formal dress
  • Trust can be built with this group using inclusive language such as “we” and “us”
  • Motivational messages should feature respect, such as: “Your experience is respected here”
  • The 1940’s were intensely romantic and as such romance such as candlelight dinners and soft music strikes a cord
  • Respect this generation because they overcame daunting odds to achieve success giving them “permission” to spend money!!!

Baby Boomers (1945 – 1965)

  • They did not go through economically hard times like their parents
  • They grew up as indulged youths during an era of community-spirited progress.
  • They rebel against conformity and carve a perfectionist lifestyle based on personal values
  • Throughout the past decade, Boomers have seen their ingrained sense of entitlement ripped apart by unmet expectations
  • They want to do it by themselves, and they want to be individuals

Communicating to Baby Boomers

  • They believe they have a right “to do their own thing,” and seek purpose and fulfillment in their lives
  • Marketing approaches to this group should cater to their need to rebel and forge their own path
  • Perfect programs for this group would be those requiring little change in habits and that would also produce improvement instantly. Quick Fixes!
  • They tend to seek the advice of someone who already has the knowledge they need
  • Want one unbelievable experience after another
  • Never refer to them as Seniors!!!
  • If they can’t obtain the American Dream they will rent it

The Best Way to Market to Boomers

  • Touch their heart and they will allow you to enter their mind
  • Emotional triggers in the brain activate memories and the stronger the memory – the stronger the emotional response
  • Create emotion through the use of narrative styled presentations of information.
  • Shift to “hard” or objective information when most advantageous, but don’t give so much information that they get overloaded
  • Also works on the silent generation, but not Gen X & Y

Gen X (1965 – 1985)

  • They are shell-shocked products of changes that are ripping apart the fibers of society, family and work
  • These “latchkey” children grew up quickly, experiencing rising divorce rates, violence, low expectations
  • Characterized by economic and psychological “survivor mentality”
  • They embrace risk and tend to be skeptical toward authority to the point of embracing “free agency” over company loyalty
  • They start 70% of the new businesses in the U.S.
  • Ambitious and independent, they’re now striving to balance the competing demands of work, family and personal life

Communicating to Gen X

  • Value access to information and value it above all else
  • Share with them information of interest immediately and often
  • They are used to a lot of stimuli and require a challenging environment, individual growth and developments
  • Your website represents yourself to them
  • They do not like to feel as if they are being manipulated.
  • They genuinely value opportunities to learn, grow, and improve themselves
  • Xers’ completely integrate the internet into their day to day lives

Marketing to Them

  • Approaches that produce the best results will be frank and involve fun at the same time
  • Xers’ are reactive, yet introverted, while being quite social with their own generation
  • Use statements such as “There are not a lot of rules here,” or “Do it your way”

All you have to do is find a straight forward, no frills, unselfconscious way to tell xers’ about your super functional, totally practical yet mildly indulgent and affordable product in a fun but not offensive way!

What do they Buy

Dell, Amazon, Target, Toyota, Verizon, Netflix, Sirius, Microsoft, Gamespot, Panera Bread, Pizza Hut, Olive Garden, McDonalds, but Not Brand Loyal!!!

Gen Y (1985 – 2005)

  • Have developed an amazing optimism and a conviction that the future will indeed be better for all
  • They are very civic minded
  • They consider a college education critical to their future
  • They are very goal oriented and highly motivated toward their perceptions of success
  • Go out of their way to buy local
  • They strongly associate brands with their tribes.
  • Very brand loyal
  • Love concerts, extreme sports, movies, the outdoors, video games, social networks and youtube
  • They consider buying as a way of life.
  • When they’re younger they constantly buy one low priced good after another.
  • As they age those products increase in price!

Communicating to Them

  • They will only buy that which appeals to their entire tribe
  • Admire their parents but trust their grandparents even more
  • E-mail and voicemail will work best as the primary tools when communicating with them
  • Wild visual communication will motivate them
  • Gen Yers’ respond to humor, irony, and unvarnished truth
  • They appreciate when you seek their feedback
  • They buy that which celebrities buy both traditional as well as internet celebrities
  • Word-of-mouth advertising, Interactive Web Sites and Tribal Online Meeting places are the place to advertise
  • Many corporations are directly marketing to the leaders of tribes in high schools and colleges with exclusive deals
  • Make your products cool for kids as well as their parents and grandparents
  • Exploit contests and promotions
  • You must be present at local tribal meeting places
  • 89% of teens would likely switch brands to one associated with a good cause
  • They buy cheap cost, good quality, fast service and an experience

What do they Buy

Changing Constantly, but these are current favorites

Apple, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Ethnic Restaurants, Red Bull, Mudd, Steve Madden, Paris Blues, In Vitro, Cement, Kid Robot, Volkswagen

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