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QuestionHello Internet! I’ve been wanting to do this article for a while. I didn’t because I instead felt the need to provide an article beneficial to you rather than myself.

Well today I’m going to be selfish!

You can check to see the generic demographics on who comes to your site. I personally trust Google Analytics and Alexa.

Alexa.com says that people that come to my site:

  • Are 45 to 54
  • Received some college
  • Are 75% male
  • 75% have children
  • Browse my site mainly at work (Got a kick out of that)
  • 69% live in the United States
  • 10% live in India
  • 5.6% live in South Africa
  • Etc…

Some of you have submitted questions and I know a little about you. I’d love to hear from the rest. Google says that between 70 to 90 of you visit regularly.

So, tell me:

  • Who you are
  • Where are you from
  • Is there some specific article you want
  • Etc…

Act like we are on a first date and you want me to get to know you. If you have a site to promote, I’ll let you provide a link to it. I’ll also help solve any questions you might have, if I can.

Upcoming Articles

Maybe I should put this on the site some where? Any way I’m currently planning articles on the following subjects:

  • Creating Automated Money Making Websites
  • Tutorial on Using Python
  • Tutorial on How to Design Print Layouts
  • Tutorials on Manipulating RSS Feed’s
  • Math Articles
  • Recipes
  • Anything you request!!!

That’s All Folks

Thanks for letting me ask these questions. Real articles will continue tomorrow.

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9 Responses to “Who Are You”

  1. Katie Day says:

    I am happy to say that I know who I am. I took your personality quiz and more than likely could have picked my personality by reading the descriptions. I almost always come up the same. This time, I was a little more polar. Usually I am a more in the middle with several of the categories. I am ENFJ. Is that what you would have guessed?

    • admin says:

      I thought you were probably a value seeker, but I would have never guessed you are a Teacher. They are very rare, making up just 3.4% of all women. Joy and I are boring personality types. I’m a Bull and Joy is a Planner. That’s probably why we get along so well. She plans everything out and I just follow along. I know that sounds bad, but I really don’t like making decisions and prefer to just get things done. Did you see the reports I put together? I think they are more useful than the regular Myers Briggs reports. Of course being a Bull, I always think I improve on everything πŸ™‚

  2. HypnoToad says:

    Aha – Alexa.com has me all wrong!

    I’m actually a nineteen year old female currently in college, no children, reading this from home and in England! I’m the anomaly skewing all the data.

  3. bhavana says:

    Aha – Alexa.com has me all wrong too!

    I’m actually a twenty year old female currently in college, no children, reading this from home and am from INDIA!
    i can’t tell you how much i love your site!i found it accidently n ever since then have become a huge fan n a regular visitor..!
    thanks for all the tutorials n keep up the good work..! πŸ™‚
    n congrats for being a father..,the baby is damn cute…..! πŸ™‚

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much πŸ™‚ I seem to have a pretty big following in India. I’m sorry, but I don’t know much about cultures around the world, but from what I’ve seen the people of India love knowledge. You are gifted in so many ways and I feel blessed to have met so many people from around the world – Derek

  4. Stefan T says:

    Greetings from Bulgaria, although currently studying in Ireland. I am 23 and have no children. As you may notice below I am interested in IT, agriculture, robotics, mechanization, energy. For a hobby I do history, geography, geopolitics, economics, economy, any science news. I’ve found this website recently.

    I have topics within which I am interested. I will list them according to the priority in the way I perceive things as most relevant to me at least, minus those covered already on this website.

    > Agriculture – how can one grow their own plants, have their own animals, just so that they can be self-sufficient. How can robotics be utlized in order to reduce the labour.

    > Robotics – related to the previous topic. Also in general what are the concepts behind it, where can I get information on how to start poking around with it, simply said to reveal this tool to myself.

    > Energy hydrogen engines – I have heard and seen on youtube, but not certain, that it is possible to have hydrogen engines that run entirely on water.
    The whole concept within which I am curious is: can there be a hydrogen engine that produces enough energy to provide motion for the car and also provides energy(electricity) for the electrolisis of the water that produces the hydrogen itself. So its an internal combustion engine that burns hydrogen and the hydrogen itself is generated out of water and the electricity from the motion created from buring the hydrogen.
    If that holds true then this world is well on its way to self-sustainability.

    > machine construction – how can one construct machines

    > artificial intelligence – just an overview of it, I am not really able to wrap my head around it

    > parallelism and conceurrent programming – although I am pretty satisfied on this topic. MapReduce, Hadoop, HiveQL – also I found this to be a good source of information SAP HANA DB

    > databases – NoSQL, object-oriented and object-relational databases

    > some info on distributed computing – algorithms and issues over there

    > maybe some C and C++ programming – just the language basics, I reckon the java tutorial was enough to completely understand the essence of programming

    > how does the processor work, how to make a “hello world” in assembly

    > how can the GPU be accessed and programmed, how can one program and intagrate small external hardware/microprocessors

    > construction – I am aware that there are machines that construct entire buildings on the principle of the 3D printer.

    Thank you for you attention. Do not feel obligated to answer any of the above questions, those I asked only because they interest me, I think that they are important and only if you have spare time. This website truly is becoming a knowledge-bank, a phenomenon which is necessary.

    • Derek Banas says:

      Hi, That is quite the list of topics πŸ™‚ I am also very interested in a wide variety of topics. Let’s see what I can think of based on your topics.

      Agriculture – I grew up on a farm in which we lived off the land. I was extremely poor and lived in a cinder block house that was buried underground to save on energy. It actually isn’t that hard once you get your process down. The main skills you need all revolve around preserving your food all year round.

      Most vegetables are stored in cellars with low humidity at a temperature around 50 to 60 degrees. If they can’t be stored this way they are either dried or canned. Meat can also be either dried or canned. Of course during the early winter you have hunting season, so it was always easy to keep meat frozen then.

      Since I no longer live on a farm some of this stuff would be hard to show, but I could do videos on canning and drying.

      Robotics – I’ve always wanted to do a tutorial on electrical engineering and I will some day. I just always get programming requests. I’d like to build a computer from scratch and then build and OS and everything else. I did this when I was little. After you understand how the plumbing of electronics works it is as easy to build machines as it is to write a computer program.

      Energy hydrogen engines – This I have no idea about. I personally can’t understand why we still even use cars? So many people have jobs in which they just sit in front of a computer all day. I don’t know why they just don’t work from home. I run a pretty big business and I only leave my house once a week to get food and go to the park. I don’t know why housing isn’t kore spread out around employers so that people could just ride bikes, or walk to work. In the city were I live most people walked to factories from homes provided by employers not so many years ago. That makes more sense to me then sitting in traffic for 4 hours a day.

      machine construction – Same answer as robotics. I’d love to do it

      artificial intelligence – I have actually done a lot of work in the real world on this topic. I however applied techniques that are very similar to the NLP stuff I have talked about. Jeff Hawkins wrote some books on his ideas on AI that I very much agree with. Google is doing some amazing work as well on machine learning.

      databases – I plan on covering ORDBMS at some point

      some info on distributed computing – I have this in the works now

      maybe some C and C++ programming – A C and C++ tutorial will be started some time this year. Very soon actually because I need both for Android development and game development

      > how does the processor work, how to make a β€œhello world” in assembly
      > how can the GPU be accessed and programmed, how can one program and intagrate small external hardware/microprocessors

      – Same answer as robotics above.

      construction – I know nothing about 3D printers but my wife uses them most every day. She is an industrial designer. Maybe I can get here involved?

      Thanks for the note. It is always great to find out what you guys are interested in πŸ™‚ – Derek

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