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Indirect Hypnosis Mind GameI’ve been getting tons of requests for more information on Indirect Hypnosis on YouTube. Thanks everyone, this has been fun and I love all the questions.

Here are my 3 most recent video’s. They cover Indirect Hypnosis, How Brains Store and Process Information, and Hypnosis Suggestibility Tricks. Here are links to the original articles:

Here Is How to Apply Indirect Hypnosis in Selling



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  1. Eric says:

    The articles seem to be dead… I get a 404 error when I click on the links. Any chance these wonderful articles are still up somewhere?

  2. farhana says:

    hi, pliz tell how to improve my relationship with my husband using nlp.there is too much negative emotions on my seems he has some too.i may laugh some times ,but still there is underlying resentment.he gives a damn about what i like, misbehaves when angry.for these reasons i have resentment deep down even when i m talking to i need ur – i cannot talk to my husband about this , so it must be something i must do alone.

    • admin says:

      The recommended action would be to receive counseling from a professional.

      The basic belief in NLP and psychology in general is that our brains are messy file cabinets. When we experience anything we instantly flash through our past experiences subconsciously to make sense of the situation. I document how we process this information in decision making tutorial and decision making videos.

      When you first spent time with your husband, every place you had an enjoyable time attached positive experiences to him. Then when you saw him again all of those positive experiences were reinforced. Over time, negative experiences have been attached to being with him.

      A trained professional would walk you through the process of replacing negative experiences with positive ones to get back to where you were. Extremely positive and scary experiences have been shown to quickly erase those bad experiences. Jumping out of a plane with somebody is often used as an example. It is nearly impossible to feel a negative feeling towards someone after you have that joint experience. Paragliding, rafting, scuba diving, going on safari in Africa, etc. are other common relationship building activities.

      It all comes down to reinvigorating the relationship while replacing small negative feelings with extremely powerful positive experiences. That is the basic idea.

      I hope that helps in some way. We all need to learn to value others, especially when we choose to spend our lives with someone.

  3. ozygunner says:


    First of all thank you for you awesome vids and articles! They are interesting and helpful.

    I was wondering, in the video “Decision making” you make a list of ways on how to determin how someone’s mind works : Meta-programming, and don’t explain how marketing services use this information… Is there an article that I haven’t read yet explaining this?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Derek Banas says:

      You’re very welcome 🙂 I cover how this stuff is applied in sales and marketing in a bunch of tutorials. Here they are Selling System Selling Systems 2.

      Look specifically for the Sales Technique videos. They are all free. I learned all of this stuff while experimenting on new sales systems for big financial companies. We wanted to see what techniques could be used in the field. Feel free to ask questions

  4. sreekanth says:

    Hi Derek,

    I am so fortunate to have come across your channel on Youtube. There is tons of stuff that I can learn from you. I am not sure how you manage to have such amazing videos in so many different areas. Anyway, thank you so much for all this. I really appreciate it.

    • Derek Banas says:


      Thank you 🙂 I’m very happy that you are enjoying them. They are all basically based around programming in one way or another. I have many more videos coming. Thanks for checking out my web site.


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