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Puzzled About DerivativesThis is the first article I got a cease and desist order for writing. I actually named Internet Gurus that are ripping people off in it originally. I had to remove their names, but the rest of the content is intact.

This might be the most important article you ever read, so I’ll jump right to the point. Stop giving your money to Internet Guru’s!!!

Every day I hear about how people have gotten ripped off by these supposed experts. So, today I’ll show you how successful they really are. On top of that I’ll show you exactly what they teach you, when you hand over a couple grand. Except I’ll teach you it for free and you won’t have to give me your email address.

Do They Really Make Money on Their Sites?

There are a bunch of ways to measure how much traffic a website gets and why, but I’ll focus on 2. is considered the number one way of measuring traffic online. is one of the best ways to analyze why a site is getting its traffic.

My site currently ranks in the top .4% of all sites on Earth. That is point 4 %. I’m not bragging. I’m definitely not happy with that rank and that is why I work so hard to improve the content on this site everyday. I’m just supplying you with that number for comparison reasons. I get about 1,000 hits per day. Some times more and sometimes less.

The point I’m making is if I’m not making a ton of money. And, if these guys are getting less traffic than me, they are also not getting rich from their traffic.

I am as of this article ranked as getting more traffic than every website except the top 145,032. I’m running stats on a random number of supposed experts. They actually have the major advantage of spending money for Google Ads, which I do not!

Here is How Much Traffic They Get

Web Site Address Alexa Traffic Rank 145,032
Internet Guru 239,383
Internet Guru 748,896
Internet Guru 2,454,564
Internet Guru 239,383
Internet Guru 4,023,405
Internet Guru 524,354
Internet Guru 271,461

Note: I was forced to remove the above names, but these are some of the people that claim they are the experts

What if They Have a High Alexa Rank?

That doesn’t guarantee they got it honestly. There are ways to trick Google. However these tricks only work temporarily. And, once Google discovers those sites that try to trick them, they are soon blacklisted.

If your site is blacklisted, it is almost impossible to ever rank well again. So, don’t try these tricks with your site!

  • Overloading your keywords with high ranking site names
  • Creating long lists of keywords that are the same color as your websites background
  • Creating many duplicate pages that are overloaded with keywords
  • Stealing other high ranking pages and putting them on your site
  • Displaying a different page to search engines than you do to regular people
  • Creating a large number of sites that just link to your main site

There are many more, but the most common trick is to share links through Link Farms. These are just worthless sites that have to soul purpose of creating incoming links. Google hates Link Farms and you should never participate in them.

What Do the Gurus Teach You?

The majority of them take your money and maybe put you on a link farm, from what I’ve seen. Many others have systems that are legitimate, but only generate half decent levels of traffic. These automated websites normally are sold for thousands of dollars and generate only a few hundred per year.

Here is a video in which I teach you how to set them up for free, just like the guru’s.


If you insist on spending money for an automated system check out AutoBlogged. It is just $60 and as high quality as the $5,000 packages.

Free Advice on Making Money on the Internet

I wrote extensively on how I drive traffic to my website in the article Internet Promotion. In that article I explain what works for me after having tested pretty much every trick out there. Here is a video on driving traffic to your site as well, if you’d rather watch a video.

What if They Show Me Proof

It is very easy in this day in age to create forged bank statements. It is also very easy to fake Google Analytics charts. Don’t believe it.

Other Ways SEO Experts Scam People

Remember when I described how these guys sometimes drive traffic by tricking Google with link farms? Well, many then take those sites and sell them on website auction sites. Then an unsuspecting customer pays thousands for a high traffic site that is then blacklisted by Google!

Please Don’t Believe the Hype

I have talked to many successful people on the internet and they all agree that there is no quick way to succeed online. You need good content and need to make it easy for search engines to find you. That is basically it. There are other ways to draw additional interest to your site (as described above), but without good content your site will never make you money.

If you have any questions or comments leave them in the comment section below.

Till Next Time

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8 Responses to “Internet Gurus”

  1. Trent Green says:

    Many thanks for the advice. I have been running a personal finance website/blog for about 4 months. At first my page rank steadily improved, but then it actually started to move up. While I have not paid other services at this point to increase my site ranking, I do wonder if some of the directories I have applied for are helping me or hurting me. So your article is good food for thought – it makes me believe that the best way to increase my site ranking is the good old fashioned way – hard work producing good content!

    • admin says:

      You’re ranked in the top 2.4% of sites globally and your doing many things right with your site. I have never paid for any service to drive traffic, but I do know many people that do. I think that your hard work and efficient use of SEO will get you where you want to go. Get on YouTube as well. That will get you a ton of traffic. Best of wishes 🙂

  2. jeff says:

    If you want to smell a scam then listen to what the gurus say when they plan a scam:

    this is them forgetting to hang up the phone after a webinar and planing a scam for 2 million from the “stupid sheeple” who need to pay up.

    Download it since they keep taking down this video when they see it they have so much money they can get attorneys to remove it

  3. admin2 says:

    Thank you for helping me out as I just attended one of those seminars who were asking for 5K amounts.I didn’t fork it over, thank God. Do you own research first. Reputation always wins eventually, a Biblical principle. Besides, the Old Testament Proverbs says that those who expect a lot of money quickly are not in the right!

    • admin says:

      I’m glad I can help 🙂 No I don’t own Research First. I’m just one guy that does this stuff to help people out. All of my knowledge on marketing, sales, web design, etc. is on this site and completely free.

      I’m by no means an expert on all of this stuff, but I don’t know of anyone who could truly state that they are. Everything changes constantly. I consider myself a free option that won’t ask for money.

      If you need any specific help I’ll do my best to help. Don’t worry I won’t even except a job from anyone that I don’t know personally.

      I wish you the best

  4. pest control says:

    Excellent article on this blog. I get calls every week from the best seo companies around, so they say. All wanting my money. Glad there are resources like this one. I run a small pest control business and don’t have the time for seo with bogus companies. Thanks for great article.

    • admin says:

      You’re very welcome. Many of these experts are ripping people off. It is getting increasingly hard to market on the web because Google is becoming so selective of who they promote. I still believe the best way to drive traffic is to post cell phone videos on YouTube. It’s easier to get on the first page as a YouTube video. Also, everything is free.

      Thanks for the kind words – Derek

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