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Regis PhilbinIn a previous article Personality Type Reports, I described 16 different personality types. These are based off of a combination of the Myers Briggs, Kiersey, and NLP personality type systems.

Here I’ll provide 4 video’s that go into detail on the main personality groups. I can provide a great deal more information on this topic and others like it, so send me your requests below.

Duty Seekers:

  • Driven to accomplish tasks above all else.
  • Trust information that is backed up with lists of facts.
  • Trust information that has stood the test of time.
  • Act only after they have created or been presented with a plan.

Action Seekers:

  • Driven to be free to live life as they see fit
  • Trust information that has stood the test of time.
  • Constantly looking for an excuse to adapt to challenges

Knowledge Seekers:

  • Driven to learn as much as possible
  • Trust those who have proven they have knowledge worth learning
  • Makes decisions by figuring out how general information applies to them. (Don’t like long lists)
  • Act after they work out the perfect solution for themselves

Value Seekers:

  • Trust those people who share their values and integrity
  • Trust their gut when making decisions
  • Make decisions based off of the recommendations given from people they trust
  • Act once their heart, not their head,  tells them it is time to act

What’s Next

I can do more video’s on this topic if I get more requests. Tell me what information I should cover, or further explain. Chances are good that every question you have is covered in the Personality Type Reports.

Leave questions and comments below.

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