Flash Walk Cycles

Flash TutorialIn this video I show you how to create Flash Walk Cycles. You can also use these techniques to create run, stumble, double bounce and jump cycles.

You basically draw each individual part of the character, the major movements and then apply the bone tool. Through the use of the bone tool you define all of the major movements and then let Flash fill in the rest of the walk cycle.

All of the pictures and everything else I use in this video are available here Flash Walk Cycle Files. You can use them however you would like for free.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment section below.

Note: Video is best viewed after hitting the HD and Full Screen Buttons!


4 Responses to “Flash Walk Cycles”

  1. Boo says:

    Thank You! This really helped me!

  2. sahib says:

    Hi Derek, thanks for your tutorials. I’d like to know that are you going to make tutorials about starling or nape or away3d libraries? If you do i will be very thankful. Sorry for my english.

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