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Wordpress Problems SolvedI was helping people create WordPress websites and everyone wanted to know what the best WordPress Calendar Plugin was. I’ve tested 12 since I got the request and in this article I’ll go over Calendar Press. I’ll cover how to install it and how to use it to create a nice event calendar as well.

Why is Calendar Press the Best WordPress Calendar Plugin?

Most importantly it isn’t buggy. (Many of the Calendar Plugins I tested were) Also it provides these core capabilities:

  • It can be used to display events in the sidebar
  • It is very easy to create new events
  • Very easy to add detailed event information
  • It automates the process of creating event specific pages
  • It separates the events from the posts

How to Setup Calendar Press

  • Click on Plugins in your left sidebar, from the WordPress Dashboard
  • Click the Add New Button
  • Search for Calendar Press
  • Install and Activate the Plugin

Now on your main plugins page, click Settings under the plugin named Calendar Press. You’ll see the following on your screen

Calendar Press

Under the Recipe Options Tab:I would leave all of the options set as I have them in this image. They implemented an event sign up option, but it seems to confuse people, so I don’t use it.

Calendar Press Best WordPress Calendar Plugin

Under the Display Settings Tab:You are going to want to create an empty page in WordPress, that will house the actual calendar. After you do that, you can define that page in the first option on this screen. Again I skip anything that has to do with the sign up options.

Calendar Press Best WordPress Calendar Plugin

Under the Widget Settings Tab: You define how many events to show in your widget sidebar and how they should be ordered. The defaults I use here should also work for you.

After you have defined those options that work for you, don’t forget to save your settings!

To select where your events are listed on your site, go to the Widgets page (located in your left sidebar under Appearance). Drag the widget named Calendar Press >> List, where ever you want it to show on your site.


How to Create New Events

Best WordPress Calendar PluginThis is where Calendar Press really shines. It creates a new tool in your left sidebar (under Posts), called Events. From here you can see all of your Events, Add New Events, and make other settings changes. It is pictured to the left.

Adding a new event works very similar to how you add a new post in WordPress. Just add the following information:

  • Title of Event
  • Description of the Event
  • Start and End Time
  • Start and End Date
  • Click the Show Popup check box
  • Add an Excerpt
  • Add relevant Tags and Categories

After you click on Publish the event is given its own personal page. It’s also added to the main calendar and to all of your widget areas on your site. The main calendar page will look like this.

Calendar Press

What is Wrong with this Plugin?

There are a few bugs with this plugin, like every Calendar Plugin I tested. If you enter more than one event on the same day, only one of those events will appear in your sidebar widget. They all appear in the main calendar though!

Also, you shouldn’t use WordPress Short Codes in your event descriptions. If you don’t know what a short code is, don’t worry about it. You won’t have this error then.

That’s All Folks

If anyone out there has a WordPress Calendar Plugin that they like better than Calendar Press please leave a comment below. The only requirement I have is that it works with the current version of WordPress.

Till Next Time

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