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Martha StewartI was asked today to provide a big personality test that provided easy to understand results. Below I provide a personality quiz and answer sheet along with a detailed report on all 16 possible personality types.

This personality quiz is based off of Myers Briggs, with some additions from more recently developed personality analysis. I hope you find it useful, because I’ve been working on this for some time.

Your Personality Type

Just understand before you take this test that there is no bad personality. Are there personalities that conflict? Yes, definitely there are, but that does not mean that this conflict can’t be avoided. Once we understand that people disagree because they see the world differently and not just to be disagreeable, we can truly grow to understand each other.

Personalities are based on the following simple traits:

  • Whether we motivate ourselves (Introvert) or are motivated by others (Extrovert)
  • Whether we gather facts (Sensing) or trust our gut (Intuiting) when gathering information
  • Whether we make decisions by studying facts (Thinking) or by trusting experts that we feel are honest (Feeling)
  • Whether we prefer to plan for future events (Planners) or adapt (Adapters)

If you know these few answers about a person, you will gain the ability to speak on a whole new level.

Note on Personality Quiz Results

It is unlikely that any of your results will tie, but if they do choose the letter on the right. So for example if your introvert and extrovert amounts are equal you are an introvert. Here is a video that will quickly explain your results and that is followed by the detailed reports I mentioned.


Personality Test Questions

Yes I know there are many questions here, but to get the most accurate results you need to answer them. The answer sheet for this quiz, follows the questions. Download the personality test here.

Personality Test Quiz Sheet

Here is your quiz sheet. Fill out your answers from left to right. Then you have to add up your results at the bottom of the sheet. If you score an equal amount in both columns in a column, pick the second or right letter option.


Personality Type Reports

You can download every report at once for free here! (Scribd No Longer Provides Free Downloads)

Now that you have your 4 letter personality code, it is time to get your report. Yes, I know everyone else charges for this stuff. My reports however are free.

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16 Responses to “Personality Type”

  1. SANDEEP says:


    this is really a fantastic personality test. In my case the code is ISTP ( Calculator). I am not able to pull the detailed report. It seems that the same has not been uploaded. Once I click on this code it gives the report for friends.
    Pls check and try to send me the detailed report for my code on my mail.



  2. Eric says:

    Hi, first of all, I appreciate so much the time you put into releasing all this information for free. You and your website deserve an award.

    Although I am having a lot of trouble answering the questions. You say to do it as quick as humanly possible when a lot of the questions require me to think for minutes on end. It seems like it should be simple and easy, but I really do not understand some of the questions. I find it difficult to relate them to real life because they are so vague. I don`t know if I am more fair to others or nice to to others. I do not know if I am more drawn to hard data or complicated ideas. Specifics or concepts? no idea… Do I value the definite or variable? I definitely do not know myself well enough to take this quiz. I am almost sure I am an introvert but around people I know well, I tend to act extroverted on some occasions. It’s very hard to tell.

    I feel like I have no idea how to answer this quiz. I have looked over all 16 personalities several times on several websites and still find ways to relate to all of them. I tend to lean more toward INTP or INTJ but am still at complete loss in knowing if the description truly is me. Some of it applies, some of it doesn’t and some of it is totally unclear to me. Is there anything you could suggest that I do to get clearer answers? What if I gave the test to someone who knows me well? I’d like to avoid that…

    Thanks so much in advance for your help.

    • admin says:

      You are definitely a INTP, or a Genius. The difficulty you had is based on your personality type

      They examine all of the options available to arrive at the best way of doing things.
      They strive to find the most ingenius solution to every problem.

      You had trouble with the test because the test is completely subjective and there is no perfect right or wrong answer.

      Congratulations! Geniuses represent less than 6.5% of people.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the test. It took a long time to put all of this information together.

  3. Airbus Thomson JR says:

    Hey internet friend, I just wanted to extend my appreciation for all of the work you do. I think, at first it was the body language tutorials that drew me to your website, but I definitely needed to delve further into my personality type, so thanks again!! It was this time last year that an MB and Keirsey directed my focus towards psychology, but upon revisitation it’s the knowing I’m not alone that’s truly valuable. Besides, if I’m not a PHD in 10 years at 40, apparently I can always fall-back on South American Dictator.

    XO -Kyle

    • Airbus Thomson JR says:


      …And oh yeah: Am I imagining things or did you edit-out that bit about the clashing Bulls & Beans?? Before my assessment I was considering conflict resolution tactics for such a situation, but after remembering my ENFP, I gotta say you had my instincts dead to rights. However, I’d love to know your thought processes in choosing denominations and avatars. I’d like to think I’m more of a self-aware replicant amidst his roof-top monologue…but then again, who’s to say Rosie O’Donnell isn’t?!?

      • Derek Banas says:

        Hey Kyle,

        I’m very happy you are enjoying the psychology videos. They were fun to make.

        As per the Bulls clashing with Beans that is very common. I didn’t edit anything, so I’m not sure where I originally mentioned that, but it is true. The reason this conflict occurs more often then others is because people in power positions are normally Bulls. Since it is common for leaders to ignore the feelings of others to establish power they tend to create conflicts. The personality that is the opposite of theirs is the Bean personality.

        As per why I picked the celebrities that I did, I mainly read biographies and made assumptions on how they would answer questions. I never tested them of course, but I wanted each personality to be identified with a person that is known. They definitely weren’t picked because I particularly liked any of them. There are some in the list that I don’t care for and others that I very much admire.

        Thanks for stopping by my website 🙂

  4. Damian says:

    I think we have a lot in common. I couldn’t believe how many things you write here about I’m personally interested in.
    Are you by any chance ENTP Enneagram 7?
    Are you interested in enneagram at all?
    There is an awesome MBTI-webpage called

    I’m kind of obsessed with personality typing, which seems to be a natural tendency for a computer scientist who wants to figure out the world in a logical way. I would be glad to share insights how it with a bit of NLP combines great deal of knowledge about human nature.

    Love your youtube tutorials and blog btw.


    • Damian says:
      messed the link tag I guess 🙂

    • Derek Banas says:

      I’m happy that you are enjoying the site. Yes I think a person with a programming mindset finds topics like psychology and especially NLP to be interesting. It basically deals with programming people. I’ll take a look at the site you mentioned.

      I can’t remember what my Enneagram type is. This test was made while I worked on a 2 year research project on how subjects such as NLP, Hypnosis, Body Language Analysis, Personality Analysis, etc. could aid in any form of negotiation. It was extremely interesting.

      Feel free to share your personal findings. I haven’t done that stuff for a while and I’m very interested in the topic still. The only thing I haven’t covered here yet is hypnotic storytelling. I didn’t cover it because I found it to be a bit scary actually.

      • Damian says:

        This website has information about all of the subjects you just mentioned. There is a lot of interesting ideas as well as some nonsense.

        Certainly, it is not only interesting but useful as well. The only problem with all NLP, body language and personality typing is when people start taking it too far. There are obviously clear distinctions in human nature – knowing this is gold. On other hand people try to describe everything with use of these tools and that’s what I called nonsense above.

        As for experience with NLP, being self-improvement freak at some point led me to an idea of changing my personality type. I discussed with my friend who happens to be a psychologist a possibility of anchoring different personalities. This could be an ultimate attempt of ‘the most flexible element of a system controls it’.
        Anchoring was unsuccessful BUT I managed to change type temporarily 🙂 Fun times.

        It’s been said that we all experience hypnotic trance on regular basis. Scary is the fact that some people fall asleep with TV on… On other hand think of good story tellers – they can take you on a journey anywhere. Depends what is the ultimate goal in such a practice.

        Lastly, I believe it is easier and easier to use all of that as we live in the most hectic times so far. Stress and lack of information filtering leads to vulnerabilities. Makes me wonder where is our tipping point.

        • Derek Banas says:

          NLP techniques are being used on us all of the time. I’m sure you have seen them with many politicians of late. I’m still deciding if hypnotic storytelling is something I should cover or not?

          The odd thing I discovered during my research was that after a short period of time we could train super sales people. It was extremely easy to get anyone to do most anything. The only problem was that these people knew they were tricked in the back of their minds. We did a lot of this research out of the lab, so they really shouldn’t have realized what was going on.

          If the customer wasn’t given constant attention to reestablish that they made the right decision they eventually grew to hate the sales person. Again they didn’t know why, but they didn’t like them. So, you’d think the customer would return the product, but they normally didn’t. It was very odd.

          I think that is why some people will fall in love with a politician, but then violently hate them if NLP is used. As you said that can cause one wild tipping point 🙂

  5. Jimmy says:

    Is it a coincidence or really working? I was not expecting as it could be exact. I found myself in ISFJ (Planner). Any ways, thanks Derek. I love all ur tutorial. keep it up.

  6. Bagdat says:

    Hi Derek it turned out that i am INTP can i have a detailed report cause wheels of bicycle are still cycling thanks for test i like it

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