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8 Responses to “Index for New Think Tank”

  1. anksin says:

    extremely helpful resources, clearly organized ! Gud job!

  2. Eric says:

    From seeing your psychology videos, then visiting your website, I have to say you’ve inspired me. And this is the first time I ever HAVE been inspired in my entire life. I’ve been dicking around my whole teenage life learning and reading in depth about the most random of subjects. I now realize that with the right method, I can learn USEFUL things and put them to good use.

    I’ve been reading about psychology for the past couple of years, nothing big, but this one takes the cake. NLP could help my girlfriend with her eating disorder, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have tools that might help her without paying a therapist.

    I bought Frogs Into Princes by John Grinder and Richard Brandler. I’ve read a quarter way through and I’m starting to get a good view of where this is going. I’ll definitely be reading in on your articles to clarify things and put them together.

    I cannot thank you enough for the immense amount of information you “translate” to everyone for free. Just damned phenomenal. If I had a job, I wouldn’t hesitate to donate.

    • admin says:

      I’m very happy to help 🙂 No need to donate. I basically read every NLP book and broke them down into the core ideas. The NLP people ramble sometimes.

      In understanding something like an eating disorder understand that if a person sees themselves as fat or thin, no amount of weight gain or loss will ever help them to see themselves differently. (Wow I just rambled)

      I’ve found that what a person sees in a photograph will often make more sense than a mirror. For example I didn’t decide to lose weight until I saw a photo of myself thin. I also kept seeing myself as fat in the mirror until I saw myself in a photo.

      Everybody sees the world through different eyes and if you try to understand them and speak their language you can do an immense amount of good.

      If you need any further help just ask 🙂

  3. Mukul Pandey says:

    Could you please add some tutorials on Apache wicket, Spring and Hibernate (Java technologies)?


  4. random says:

    Plurals.. It’s written “articles”, not with an apostrophe.

  5. roshik says:

    awesome. Love it 🙂

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