Web Design and Programming Pt 15

MySQL StatementsIn this video tutorial I explain how to create efficient tables using SQL. Specifically I’ll show you how to create Atomic Databases. A table is considered Atomic when it focuses on describing just one thing. Here is an article that goes more into this subject MySQL Atomic Tables.

Once you make all of your tables you should make sure they are Normalized. A Normalized Table is a table that follows the 3 Normalized table rules.

First Rule of Normalized Tables

  • Each column can only contain one value
  • You can’t have repeating columns

Second Rule of Normalized Tables

  • You can’t have repeating values in a field

Third Rule of Normalized Tables

  • Eliminate any fields from a table if they don’t directly relate to the primary key

All of this information is demonstrated in the following video and if you want to read more on the subject see the following Complete SQL Statements Video Tutorial.

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