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Make a Website Video TutorialMtsurov wrote in and asked How to Find a Domain Name, meaning a good one! In this article and video I’ll show you the exact steps to follow to find a great domain name no matter what your site is about.

Specifically I’ll show you how to find the best available name based on celebrity gossip, because that seems to be a favorite topic on the web. To find this wonderful domain name you just need a few free tools:

You can either watch the video, or read everything in detail after the video. You could also do both 🙂

First Steps to Find a Domain Name

The first thing I do when I want to start a new site is analyze which websites currently are getting the traffic I want. So since I’m looking to create a celebrity gossip site, I type celebrity gossip into Google. Here are the top sites for celebrity gossip:

  • : This is ranked first because of the great domain name

Now that I have a list of my competitors, it is now time to find out what keywords they used to get to the top. This is where the Google Adwords Keyword Tool comes in. Just go to that site and enter the websites above one at a time. Here are the results if you entered

This is an abbreviation of the results but I’ll explain what your looking at. This tool will analyze either keywords or websites. I always scan websites for their best keyword phrases and then dump all those into the keyword box to find the best.

Then you see all of the information found separated into columns. The first column is the keyword phrase itself. The competition column gives you an idea of how hard it would be for you to capture that keyword phrase for your site. You always want to go after phrases that have little to no competition. So in this example go after “latest gossip in hollywood” instead of “selena gomez stuff to buy”.

The other columns show you approximately how many times the phrase is searched for per month. Don’t look at these numbers as a fact, but instead just rate them based off of size comparison.

If you click on the competition title the list will display the phrases with the most competition and vice versa. What you need to do now is search for the phrases with the least competition and the most searches for every website. After I did that I came up with this list:

Phrase Matches Exact Matches
gossip in hollywood 37,200,000 11,400
gossip from hollywood 38,800,000 97,700
hollywood and gossip 41,400,000 91,800
celebrities and gossip 19,900,000 312,000
rumors celebrity 8,990,000 11,400
hot celebrity gossip 7,310,000 113,000
famous people 32,300,000 5,420,000
star news 112,000,000 2,300,000
celebrity gossip 61,700,000 15,800,000
gossip news 25,900,000 2,010,000
celebrity blog 86,600,000 711,000

Above you can see the best phrases I was able to find from all of those websites. I then go and double check that they are accurate by typing the phrase into Google to see how many matches I get. I then search for the exact phrase by searching for the phrase surrounded by quotes.

Is the Domain Name Taken?

Now that I have my list I jump over to Go Daddy to see if the names are taken. Sadly my best domain name is taken being 🙁 But, guess what? Four of the best domain names are not taken being:

Special Note: When you click on any of these names you’ll get a 37% discount off your next domain name purchase at Go Daddy.

So there you have it. Get a great domain name on any subject. I wrote a few more articles that will help you find even better domain names:

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If you have any questions or comments leave them below.

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  1. Mark says:

    Thank you for making this tutorial! I’m considering diving into this website generation area to generate a little income for my modest needs. Your tutorial on regexes was also great and it increased my knowledge of them, and I’m considering using it to write a web parser like it seems you did, as an alternative to wp-o-matic. I’ll continue to keep an eye on your site and am planning to start watching your javascript tutorial in a few days.


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