Strategy Fieldrunners Mud Slide Level

FieldRunnersI thought I’d have a bit of fun today and talk about a video game for once. Malcolm wrote in and asked me for a strategy to beat the Mud Slide level in Fieldrunners.

If you are unaware Fieldrunners is an iPhone / iPad game that many think to be the best game available. If you are one of my regular readers don’t worry. This website is not going to become a video game site anytime soon 🙂

While I’m not a great video game player I decided to give it a shot. It did take a few tries, but I finally beat the Mud Slide level. There is a screen shot that shows my layout at level 100. If you are having trouble seeing it, just click to enlarge it.

After I present the final screen shot, I’ll then go over how I laid this strategy out.

FieldRunners Mud Slide StrategyFieldrunners Mud Slide Strategy

  • The main goal is to get the Plasma Towers out as soon as possible.
  • The Plasma Towers also must be placed in positions that will do the most damage to both soldiers and trains.
  • Goo towers should be placed to slow the enemy, so that Plasma Towers can cause the most damage.

Build Order for Mud Slide

I’ll refer to the north path where the soldiers come from as N and the train entrance as S.

  • Place 1 Gatling S & 2 Gatling N
  • Place 2 Missiles at N part of train tracks
  • Place 2 Goo Towers before Missiles for both soldiers and trains
  • Place Plasma Tower to cut off soldiers in a row
  • Fill in the soldier path with Goo Towers
  • Place Plasma Tower N of train tracks
  • As soldiers become a problem increase the length of the maze as I did.
  • As planes become a problem place Plasma Towers to take them out.
  • As trains become a problem increase Goo Towers and then Plasma Towers.

I just continued to build in those areas as the different threats became a problem. That’s all that is to it.

Now I beat the Fieldrunners Mud Slide level on Easy, because I didn’t have all day to play with this, but the strategy at the other levels will no doubt be very similar.

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3 Responses to “Strategy Fieldrunners Mud Slide Level”

  1. Ben Neumann says:

    Unfortunately this Mudslide strategy does not work on the harder Mudslide levels. The resilience of the helis and the trains is too strong and they break through. I’m still trying to find a way but have not gotten closer than level 96.

    • admin says:

      I just did the tutorial for fun. I’m sorry it didn’t work on the hard level. I’m sure it is just a matter of exploiting choke points. It seems like most maps are conquered that way. Thanks 🙂

  2. says:

    Nope. This map is different. Post again when you can beat it on a more difficult setting. Thanks!

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