Best Sandwich Recipe

Veggie DietWhen I set out to create the perfect diet over a year ago I knew I needed to create an awesome sandwich!

Everybody loves sandwiches. I consider this sandwich to be one of the main reasons I lost 80 pounds in 5 months.

It tastes awesome. It is extremely filling. And, it measures in at just 200 calories. That means that since I’m 6’3″ I could eat over 6 of these a day and still finish below my required 1400 calorie max.

Losing weight comes down to really one thing. Calorie intake! I’ll fight with anyone that disagrees with that. I tried all of the fad diets and they don’t work. There are a few other things that matter though and that is:

  • Eating foods that make you feel full
  • Avoiding fat, cholesterol and sodium
  • Maximizing your fiber intake

This sandwich accomplishes all of the above. If you want to learn more about my diet, you can check it out here Diet Nutritional. Every concept imaginable is covered there and it is 100% free and doesn’t require fancy supplements or exercise.

Enough talk, here is the Best Sandwich Recipe ever! Here is a link to Dexter’s Knife, from the TV show Dexter.

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