Enchantment Guy Kawasaki Book Review

Enchantment Guy KawasakiI don’t do book reviews, but when I’m asked to do something I feel obligated. About a month ago Guy Kawasaki sent me his new book Enchantment and asked me what I thought.

If you don’t know who Guy Kawasaki is he:

  • Was involved in creating the classic Apple 1984 commercial
  • Started Alltop.com
  • Is extremely popular on Twitter
  • Is a marketing genius

Here is a presentation he gave if you’d like to learn more about him Guy Kawasaki in his own words.

The problem I faced in reviewing this book is that I had read most of the books Guy had read. One of which being Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, which is one of the greatest books I have ever read.

What I Liked About Enchantment

While Enchantment isn’t on the level of Influence, it is still a very good book. After you make it through the first few chapters, you are provided with a great deal of interesting content that you haven’t read elsewhere.

What I especially liked about the book is that he explains, to a certain extent, how to apply the techniques described in Influence. However while these techniques are very useful I think he holds back on knowledge that I know he has. I’ll go more into that in a second.

Here are some of the interesting things he covers that I haven’t read in other books:

  • A way to avoid product failures (Premortems)
  • Proven ways to sell your cause (Based off of research)
  • The motivational power of a checklist
  • How to motivate threw trial offers
  • When to use bandwagoning vs. scarcity marketing techniques
  • How to defeat your competitors by labeling them
  • Numerous ways to motivate people using Twitter
  • How to properly present yourself on the internet
  • How to motivate people using Facebook and LinkedIn

If the above list interests you, then you will enjoy this book. If I had to categorize its place in my pile of marketing / psychology books, I’d say it explains how to use the knowledge in the Influence book to motivate people mainly through technology. He also covers traditional motivation as well though.

What I wish was covered in Enchantment

Through out the book Mr. Kawasaki continues to focus on motivating people through Bandwagoning (Social Proof), Reciprocation (A Favor for a Favor) and Scarcity. While he does touch on it a bit, he doesn’t give the most powerful motivational tool its due being The Consistency Principle.

The Consistency Principle states that a person will do pretty much anything if you convince them that they are acting in a manor that is consistant with their past actions. In the Influence book, Mr. Cialdini provides numerous examples on how the Consistency Principle can be used to influence people.

I also wish Mr. Kawasaki would have gone into how you can use Freedom Scarcity to motivate people. I’m sure he is aware of how to apply these techniques along with other psychological techniques like NLP. So, why didn’t he?

I think the reason is that Mr. Kawasaki is a nice guy that doesn’t want to show his darker side. The previous techniques are considered by many to be highly manipulative and I would guess that is why he steered clear of them. I have however covered them unabashedly here on this site. My Selling System

My Final Review

Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki is a conglomeration of very useful tidbits of information. It is heavy on content and takes the art of influencing people into new directions. It is laid out in an extremely organized manor and I enjoyed reading it.

It is not a revolutionary book, but it provides you with a wealth of information garnered from numerous other books and his own mind. For less than $15 I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t find it worth the cost.

I would however love to find out why he didn’t cover the topics I spoke about above? I would love to ask him that question myself.

I would also like to thank him as one of the nobodies 🙂 I didn’t take offense to fact that he specifically markets to people like me. (B or C list bloggers) Hey, he got a pretty good review out of it.

To end this review, I’d like to provide a tiny excerpt from his book that I particularly enjoyed. Hopefully that is ok to do in a book review?

Either way, when Mr. Kawasaki is explaining the importance of framing your competition he writes the following

Frame thy competition – paint as many rivals as possible into a corner with damning praise that will stick in people’s minds. For example, in 2010, Steve Jobs framed Google when people complained that Apple excessively controlled the applications that ran on the iPhone, compared to the openness of Google’s Android operating system.

He said, “Folks who want porn can buy an Android Phone.” In other words, he framed Android phones as the device for people who want to look at pornography…


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