JQuery Ajax Tutorial

JQuery Ajax Tutorial

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  1. Pete says:

    Hehe. I have to laugh after watching all of these jQuery videos. I have studied for many hours, and in many ways trying to get a good handle on jQuery, but I just couldn’t nail it – it just didn’t sink in (BTW, my field is astrophysics, so I’m not exactly dense). After a few hours of really going over these videos, I can’t believe how I missed all of this when I read the other 500 page books (books – plural). I have even tried Lynda’s and another high-quality video series, but this is the best by far. Maybe it is because I’m wired to learn in the way and manner you teach; but whatever the case, I think it is fantastic. Thank you very much for providing this incredibly informative and enjoyable material – I am grateful. God bless.

    • admin says:

      I’m glad it worked for you. I actually started doing fast videos like this after I figured out that my retention went up dramatically when I speed read. I wondered if the same results could be had with super fast videos? It seems to work great for many people which makes me happy 🙂

  2. joelonix says:

    Man you always rock..

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