WordPress Theme Tutorial Pt 8

How to Make WordPress Themes Pt 8Welcome to part 8 of my tutorial on how to make wordpress 3.0 themes.

In this part of the tutorial I’ll focus on fixing all of the remaining pages in my theme. I’ll also show you how to embed your Twitter Tweets in your theme since that has been a major request.

Here is a link to a zipped archive of the WordPress Theme.

I’ve received many questions on how I license this and all my code. I use the GNU General Public License. That means you can basically do anything you want with it, but you cannot sue me if something goes wrong with the code. Click on the link for more info.

WordPress Theme Tutorial So Far

I’ve covered all of the following topics so far in my WordPress Theme Tutorial:

Here is the Newest WordPress Theme Video

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  1. ritesh says:

    hey when i maximize or minimize the browser entire website

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