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Girl Following Sales ScriptImagine this situation. You just sat down for dinner and your phone rings. It’s a complete stranger and they are asking you to verify who you are and all of your personal information.

They then ask for your checking account, social security and credit card numbers.

Your answer is that nobody would ever give that information to a stranger.

For many years 73% of the time I received all of it! I did this for legitimate companies now. I wasn’t doing anything illegal. How is that for negotiation tactics?

In this article I’ll organize all of the negotiation tactics I have ever taught. I’ll show you my sales scripts, but don’t think of this as a sales tutorial! Sales is just the highest form of negotiation. You can easily use these tactics to get whatever you want.

I’ll also go into deep analysis on how people work on a psychological level. The more you understand about people and yourself, the better you will be at achieving all that you want.

I write sales / Political scripts for a living based off of high end psychological tactics. You can call it Indirect Hypnosis, or whatever you like. Now for those people that say that I manipulate people… You’re right, but the great thing is that if you learn these tactics you will be much harder to manipulate.

I’ll teach you all of the following techniques:

  • Detect if someone is lying and how to read body language
  • How to win any argument and the basics of bargaining
  • The scripts I use to sell everyone I talk to on the phone
  • High level sales and negotiation techniques
  • Indirect hypnosis and NLP
  • Understand how people make decisions

Body Language Analysis

Gestures and Body Language LegsWithout a doubt the most popular subject I ever covered was on reading body language and detecting when people are lying.

I created these tutorials by reading over 35 books on the subject. I read the best sellers, law enforcement manuals and everything written by the experts. I then combined what all of them agreed on into a few articles and videos.

Here are the articles if you want to read them in depth, or you can watch the videos below:

Get People to Like You / Win Arguments / Deal with People

Get People to Like youFor a while I wrote a series of problem solving articles based of research I did in the many fields of psychology.

I really stopped doing them because I didn’t know what else to cover. I covered how to understand anyone through personality analysis and numerous other subjects.

You can check them out below and tell me if I missed anything?

How to Sell Anyone on the Phone

Puzzled About DerivativesLike I mentioned above I write telemarketing sales scripts. Selling on the phone is extremely easy because everything is to sales persons advantage.

A salesperson on a telephone with a good script is like a money making machine. The only problem is that most people selling on the phone don’t have the right script. They also probably don’t have the right mindset.

Once a salesperson realizes that they can brute force nearly every sale watch out. If you receive calls from telemarketers, here are also the things to look out for. You can read the article here : Phone Selling System, or watch the videos below.

Advanced Sales / Negotiation Techniques

Telephone Sale ScriptsWhen I set out to create a sales system, I wanted to eliminate all of the things people hate.

I wanted to make the sales process comfortable for both sides. I wanted to sell at least 65% of people. Also it was great to eliminate the objection and closing process all together.

What you’ll see in these presentations will allow you to sell or negotiate with ease and win most of the time. This research was put together using some of the most advanced techniques found in Psychology, NLP, Hypnosis and nearly every sales book ever written.

I hope you enjoy these, because they took me many years to put together.


Indirect Hypnosis and NLP

Indirect Hypnosis Mind GameI’ve loved the concept of hypnosis for my entire life. A lot of what you saw above comes from reading ever hypnosis book ever written and then utilizing those techniques in all forms of communication.

I spent a lot of time figuring out how indirect hypnosis works. Indirect hypnosis is when you hypnotize a person with out them knowing.

If you want to get into traditional hypnosis check out Hypnosis Instant Induction and Hypnosis Mind Games. Then you can move on to Indirect Hypnosis. For more examples on how to use indirect hypnosis in the real world check out the Sales Technique Videos above.


How People Make Decisions
Brain IdeasHere I explain everything in regards to decision making. In these 4 articles I explain exactly how my brain personally processes information: NLP Meta-Programs, NLP Meta-Programs Pt 2, NLP Meta-Programs Pt 3, NLP Meta-Programs Pt 4.

If you would prefer are more real world example on how to bargain and negotiate check out these instead: Theory Negotiation, Theory Negotiation Pt 2, or Increase Retail Sales.

And, for those people that stuck it out, here is the most powerful tool in a negotiators arsenal The Yes Set.


That’s All Folks

Well that’s pretty much everything I have on the subjects of negotiation, sales, and psychology in general. If you think I missed something leave a comment below. And, if you enjoyed this article click the like button above. It’s not that often that people put this information online for free (Pats Self on Back) 🙂

Till Next Time

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