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Help Web Design and ProgrammingI normally spend so much time cranking out tutorials that I never stop to organize things. So, here I will layout a complete Web Design Tutorial.

When I say complete I really mean complete. I’ve created over 76 videos on HTML, CSS, XML, xHTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, and AJAX among other subjects.

All of the code I use in the tutorials is also free to use under the GNU license. That basically means you can do anything you like with it as long as you don’t sue me 🙂

So here I layout the whole Web Design Tutorial. If you have any questions feel free to send them and I’ll do my best to help in whatever way I can.

Learn HTML & xHTML Video Tutorial

Learn HTMLHere you can learn HTML in 15 Minutes, learn xHTML in 10 minutes, or sit back for a deep lecture on both subjects.

Either way these 7 HTML and xHTML video tutorials will teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the subject.

You can either read the articles here: Learn HTML Tutorial and Learn xHTML

Or, watch all of the videos on one page Learn HTML Video Tutorial

Cascading Style Sheet Video Tutorial

CSS Video TutorialIn these 4 videos I show you how to use every property available in Cascading Style Sheets.

Every Text, Background, List, Cursor, Div, Span and Table CSS Property. I then teach you how to layout a web page using CSS from scratch.

If you want to see all of the code see this article: Learn CSS

Or, watch all 5 of the videos on one page here CSS Video Tutorial


XML Video Tutorial

XML Video TutorialI introduce XML by covering: XML Basics, Explain what it can do, Compare it to HTML, Explain tags and elements, Show you what XML looks like, Explain the encoding attributes and everything else I could think of.

Here are links to the original articles: Learn XML eXtensible Markup Language, Turn HTML in xHTML , XML Document Type Definitions, and Learn XML Schema

Or, watch all 5 of the videos here XML Video Tutorial

PHP & MySQL Video Tutorial

MySQL StatementsThis is the largest video tutorial I ever created. I focus on how to do pretty much anything with PHP and MySQL. There are 24 total videos!

I cover the following in detail: PHP Basics, The SQL Language, Working with MySQL, PHP Security, PHP & MySQL Login Scripts, PHP Message Boards , Website Scraping

This tutorial is just crazy. I actually did this article because some one asked if I had any PHP tutorials. Here is a link to all 24 videos. PHP Video Tutorial


JavaScript Video Tutorial

Javascript Video TutorialIn this series of video tutorials I teach you everything you could ever want to know about JavaScript. I even teach all of the core functionality of the JavaScript language in 30 minutes.

Read the articles and get the code here: JavaScript in 30 Minutes , Events and CSS , Object Oriented Programming , Arrays and Functions , The Document Object Model , Regular Expressions , Form Validation , Error Handling , Cookies

Or, see everything on one page here : JavaScript Video Tutorial


JQuery and Ajax Video Tutorial

JQuery Ajax TutorialHere is a massive tutorial I did on implementing AJAX techniques with JQuery.

I cover all of the techniques that go into implementing a dynamic site using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX). I also cover CSS styling with JQuery, event handling, animation, JQuery UI, Widgets and much more.

Read the articles here : Jquery & Ajax Pt 1, JQuery & Ajax Pt 2
, JQuery & Ajax : Event Handling, JQuery & Ajax : The Document Object Model, JQuery UI Library, JQuery UI Widget Library, AJAX Video Tutorial, JQuery Plugins

Or, watch everything on this page : JQuery and AJAX Video Tutorial


WordPress Video Tutorial

Wordpress Problems Solved

I’ve created numerous video tutorials on developing WordPress Themes and Plugins. Here I provide you with an easy location to find all of them.

I also cover how to install WordPress on a development system. As well I provide a deep understanding of Taxonomies, Shortcodes, WP Nav Menu, the WordPress database and much more.

Here is a link to all of the code and 12 videos WordPress Theme and Plugin Video Tutorial


Other Programming Tutorials
What else have I done on programming here at New Think Tank? I’ve also created a huge tutorial on Python 2.7, Python 3.0, Flash and Objective C. Here are links to those:

Python 3.0 Tutorials

Python 2.7 Tutorials

Flash Tutorials

Objective C Tutorial

Why Do I Do This for Free?

I get this question nearly every week. It is simple. I like to help people and enjoy knowing that I’ve some how contributed to the world. I also have no hobbies and no friends. Don’t feel bad for me I have two great friends who are my Wife and Daughter. I have to deal with the public so much that I prefer to just spend my time with them.

If you really feel the need to help me in some way, all that I ever ask is that you tell people that my site exists. That’s it.

I hope you enjoy my tutorials and if you want to see even more check out my Tutorial Index.

If you’d like me to do a tutorial for you leave a comment below.

Till Next Time

New Think Tank

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  1. Elaine Jones says:

    A fantastic selection of tutorials and a great website for reference and information.TY

  2. Kim says:

    Sir, I really love your website. I’m learning a lot from here. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • admin says:

      You’re very welcome 🙂 thanks for saying hi

      If you specifically like an article I’d appreciate it if you’d hit the google + 1 button. That helps alert google that my site is worthwhile.

      Thanks Derek

  3. Nestor says:

    I have been reading some of the stuff that you, Derek, have published on this web site, and I wanted to take a minute to make this post and shout a big “Thank You!” for all the work that you do in order to keep the blog afloat.

    Thank you so much for making all these tutorials — I’m sure it means a lot for many people, including myself.

    I hope you continue expanding your collection with more great tutorials, specially –if I may suggest so―- on the Python and Objective-C fronts.

  4. aamir says:

    Excellent site for all programmers even for begginers thnx a lot for introducing it and your selection of tutorials is just mind blowing and way of teaching is marvellous thnx a lot and keep it up plzzzzzzz

  5. Rob Middelbos says:

    Thanks for all the great stuff Derek!

    Is the new ‘Google Dart’ in your opinion a tool we should keep an eye on?


    • admin says:

      You’re very welcome 🙂 I never take time to learn beta languages because by the time they are ready for release they change dramatically. I’ve found it hard to unlearn a language in the past

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