Order and Chaos Review

Order and Chaos ReviewI thought I’d have some fun today and do an Order and Chaos Review. Order and Chaos is available on the iPad / iPod and I can’t believe isn’t more popular.

It is basically a copy of the World of Warcraft formula, except that it is available on the wonderful Apple devices.

I’m not sponsored to do this tutorial and no this site isn’t going to become a game review site. I just like to have fun with my iPad every once in awhile 🙂

In the following video I don’t just provide an Order and Chaos Review. I also provide a tutorial on how to do pretty much anything in the game.

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What Does Order and Chaos Cost

The price fluctuates from $6.99 to $2.99 for a 6 month subscription. There after it costs $.99 cents. In comparison to WOW this is an amazing steal.

What Does WOW Have that Order and Chaos Doesn’t

There are very few things missing and Gameloft has said they plan on making numerous changes.

  • There are only 4 races: Orcs, Elves, Humans and Undead
  • The races are identical skill wise
  • There are 4 classes: Warrior, Monk, Mage, and Ranger
  • The Ranger eventually becomes either a Rogue or Hunter over time
  • The Ranger can’t have a pet fight for him
  • There are 3 Professions being Cloth, Leather and Metal Workers
  • The professions are pretty limited at this time
  • There are no huge dungeons at this point
  • There are no major bosses that require teams

That’s pretty much it. The interface is very similar as are the characters.

What Does Order and Chaos Have

Pretty much everything else you may want is here. There are guilds, auctions, quests, huge maps, tons of loot, etc. as you can see in the video above.

Another surprising thing about the game is that it is very easy to level. This makes you feel like you’re constantly getting new skills.

What is Wrong with Order and Chaos

As per changes I’d like to see. The skill button in the bottom right hand corner is a bit hard to work with once you get many skills. There should be an option to have the skills go down the right side of the screen.

I’d also love to see additional classes and professions, but because this game is so new I’m sure those features can be expected soon.

Leave any questions or comments below.

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3 Responses to “Order and Chaos Review”

  1. Papasmurf42o says:

    I for one agree with what you said. i just started the game yesterday and am looking forward to playing it some more later. What would be the best race/class to choose in your opinion?

    • Papasmurf42o says:

      plz txt me your comment, i would love to find out more about the game and what i have to look forward to in the future play time.

    • admin says:

      I actually grew towards the warrior because you can just keep going and going. All of the other classes require you to rest between attacks. I thought this was a great game, but because of other work I haven’t had time to play with it lately

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