WordPress Newspaper Theme

Wordpress Problems SolvedIn this tutorial series I’ll show you how to make a WordPress Newspaper Theme.

This Newspaper Theme has all the bells and whistles. It can display 15 featured content articles. It allows you to display articles based off of categories. A lightbox will allow you to display videos or galleries dynamically. And, a whole bunch more.

Before you try to understand this please check out my video on how to make WordPress themes from scratch WordPress How To. Otherwise you may be confused.

You should also check out my WordPress Featured Content tutorial. It will show you how to make WordPress Plugins and a Featured Content Slider!

All of the code from this tutorial can be found in this zipped archive. All the images and everything else is contained their.

Everything is licensed under the GNU License. It basically says you can do anything you want with this, but I’m not legally accountable for being nice and giving you this stuff for free 🙂

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36 Responses to “WordPress Newspaper Theme”

  1. Eldewiny says:

    I just find your site and i hope it will be a good start.

  2. brandon says:

    Hi Derek! great tutorials im learning so much! i have an intermediate knowledge of using wordpress and your videos are helping me learn the backend functionality. the only problem im having is that my stylesheets and images wont link from the index even though i pasted in the tutorial files as is. do you know what the problem might be? thanks for making these tutorials. great work!

    • admin says:

      What operating system are you using?

      • brandon says:

        Thanks for the quick reply! I’m using windows vista, and running my wordpress on xampp

        • admin says:

          The current theme hasn’t been converted into a wordpress theme yet. It’s still basic html and CSS. Try installing it in your \xampp\htdocs folder. It should work then. I’ll be turning it into a theme over the next week.

          I hope that helps?

          • brandon says:

            got it! that makes sense now. thanks so much for the help!

          • brandon says:

            ive been able to open the index and featured_content individually in their own tabs. and the featured_content works great. however, the following function isnt fetching the data from the text file featured_data1.txt. could this be an issue with the file itself? i truly appreciate the help!

            • admin says:

              Make sure you have permission to both read and write to the file and the folder it is in. The wordpress version of this featured content plugin will be done very soon

  3. brandon says:

    got it! im a php noob, so i forgot the php files had to be read with a “localhost”/filesource in the browser. thanks again, cant wait for the next tutorial!

  4. Nice theme. Thanks for sharing. If you need more, go to my site

  5. Steve says:

    WOW, Nice tutorials! so detailed for making themes, I’ve been looking for a site like this for yeras. Nice work. I’ve been trying to make wordpress themes, and this has helped so much. Thanks

  6. subodh says:

    Excellent Tutorial…
    It would be nice if you can also show how to install this theme and get it up and running using wordpress 3.


    • admin says:

      Just open your WordPress dashboard. Click on Appearance – Themes and upload the theme folder I provide. It is just like every other theme out there.

  7. Rizwan says:

    Hello sir, how can set the unromveable link in footer of our theme for the SEO. IF links are remove then site not open.In wordpress theme.

    • admin says:

      You can do anything you want with the themes. Everything on my site is licensed the same. You can do what ever you want with it, but if something goes wrong that isn’t my responsibility.

  8. Rizwan says:

    Sorry Sir, Me to say that after developing our theme i want to give our link on the theme who i develop.

  9. Ali says:

    Hello sir, I want to develope a wordpress themes site in wordpress.

    But i have no idea about the themes priview logic.

    i am installed WordPress Theme Demo Bar plugin on our site. This Plugin working perfectly but its preview of template with my original content. i want to do this damy content.

    Sir please tell me about its logic or tell me the Perfect Plugin.
    i am wating your answare.

  10. Ali says:

    sir firs of all thanks for replay.

    I have the knowledge of html css php mysql javascritp and wordpress functionality which is use to create template of wordpress. i have created http://www.nokiainformation.com/ theme.

    But i want to design like this http://newwpthemes.com/

    My points is only 2

    First when user click to donload the template click the source file of that templates is donloaded. its ok

    the problem is that when user click On Demo links and see the template layout Which is select to download.

    how can create the layout of this templates?

    i want to develope same functionality like this site http://newwpthemes.com/ but Demo links not understand

    my quest is that how can create the dome site when user see the template demo?

    sir i am wating your answar…….

    • admin says:

      I missed your question. It looks like they defined different themes under Page Attributes for each new page. You can make a page that has the same layout as index and then give each a different theme type without needing multiple versions of WordPress. Does that make sense?

  11. Micol Phillip says:

    Dear Derek,

    i’ve been following your video on making theme from scratch for wordpress. your video tutorial really helps me in making my own. now that i am making a theme for a e-commerce using theCartPress plugin. can you please make tutorial making theme for theCartPress.. a brief tutorial on which and where to edit will help me.

    hope you will continue your good work in making more and more useful tutorial to help out guy like me.

    best regards,


    • admin says:

      Hi Micol

      I have a tutorial on how to make a WordPress shopping cart using WP E-Commerce. Every thing is 100% free to use.

      I have been using this on many sites that have earned over $100,000 so far this year. The plugin is free and so is the theme I made. I haven’t had a single security issue.

      I hope that helps

      • Micol Phillip says:

        Dear Derek,

        thanks for your reply.. i’ve been following the tutorial you mentioned. it’s good to know the thing you’ve said above. it really show how much the wp e-commerce can do, it give me a good motivation too.

        thanks. best regards

        • admin says:

          Yes, it is a beautiful piece of software! It made me so much money that I was glad to buy the gold cart plugin for it. People ask me all of the time how I make a living? This is it and I’m happy to give you all of the software you need to do it as well for free. I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  12. lars inge holen says:

    I have made my own theme a I want to user the contact form 7.

    When I paste the shortcode into the contact page – [contact-form-7 id=”27″ title=”Contact form 1″] – it is not working.(the same code is beeing displayed on the page)

    I guess I have to have some code in function.php to make it work?

    I hope you are able to help me… ?

    • admin says:

      I’m not sure if this matters, but have you tried pasting the code with the html tab open on your wordpress page? Also double check the code to make sure it is right. It looks right to me. And, no you don’t have to edit function.php in anyway to use this plugin

      • lars inge holen says:


        1. thank you so much for replaying.
        2. your tutorials is GREAT – maybe more than great!!!

        When I activate other theme it works ….

        I can send you the theme / code if you like …

        Have a great day – from a cold Norway 🙂

        • admin says:

          Thank you very much 🙂 If you could point me toward the web page online that would be easier for me to study. I have a hard time going through a ton of code. Any errors you are receiving or anything else helps as well.

          From a cold Pittsburgh, PA 🙂

          • lars inge holen says:

            I did not mean to disturb you if you have a lot to do…
            It was just too tempting to ask – I’m hoping for a warm heart even though it’s cold outside 🙂

            Here is the link to the page: http://tristein.fredholmen.co.uk/contact-us/

            You must promise me not to laugh, I’m new when it comes to this – but I want to learn …

            Have a nice day and remember enough clothes 🙂

            Lars Inge

            • admin says:

              Very nice site! I can’t figure out why it isn’t showing. Have you tried shutting off other plugins. There may be a conflict but I doubt it. Make sure the name for the contact form is right. Also check that when you are on the Edit Page page where you type in your text in wordpress, that the HTML tab is selected. Tell me if that doesn’t work

              • lars inge holen says:

                I’ve tried all this many times, but it does not work.
                This page is not important, I can delete it, but I really want to find out what is wrong ….

                Is this page difficilt to build in wordpress ?


                Answer this when you have time for it!!

                Take care – have fun

                • admin says:

                  I don’t see anything that is particularly complicated about the page. There are a bunch of broken links that are easily fixed. Overall the site seems to be very well laid out. I didn’t test it in IE, but it looks good in Chrome and Firefox. If you have any questions on how to implement things like featured content sliders I have 3 tutorials on just that topic. 3 or 4 tutorials on web site menus, etc… Feel free to ask questions


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