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Contact Form for WordPressIn this video tutorial I teach how to do a ton of things with WordPress.

I teach you how to create a contact form for WordPress. This contact form is extremely customizable and includes both Akismet and Captcha spam blocking. It also allows for file uploads.

Then I show you how to create an email capture for an e-book system inside of WordPress.

This whole tutorial comes from a real world situation in which I promised I could create all of the above in less than 15 minutes. This is a fun tutorial 🙂

Plugins Used in Contact Form for WordPress  

It’s easiest to install these plugins from inside of WordPress, but here are the websites that contain more info on these plugins.

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15 Responses to “Contact Form for WordPress”

  1. jkk says:

    How about if I want to sell an EBook- how do I create downloadable Ebook only when someone buys it?

    Your videos are simple and straight forward, yet very useful. Thanks.

  2. Theastix says:

    it isent working!!! please help

  3. Cox says:

    I have make a custom wp multipart registration form, that does it all so well, but fails over every other day. Thats because of a session security feature that WP uses to validate that the form information came from the current site, rather than an untrustworthy external source.

    this is a simple hidden form input:
    type=”hidden” id=”_wpnonce” name=”_wpnonce” value=”notsosecretstring”

    Do you know about this, and how to “dynamically” get this value from the actual registration site?

    —- actual registration url:
    —–external registration url:

  4. Cox says:

    I added this:

    $content = ”;
    if (function_exists(‘wp_nonce_field’)){
    $content .= wp_nonce_field(‘_wpnonce’);
    $content .= ‘…’;

    and tried this:

    oh, and… this form doesnt use any wp codex, cause its supposed to do other cP staff and only post the registration information, that matches the cP information to WP to complete the registration.

  5. monkey says:

    I woke up this morning and thought I need a registration form on my website. I spent all day struggling through tutorials and php to no success, when finally at nine o’clock this evening I thought, “I bet Derek Banas has a solution. He knows everything about WordPress.”. An hour later success. I just wish I had thought to check here 12 hours earlier.
    Thank-you so much from Kamakura, Japan

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