Fantasy Football Strategy

Fantasy Football StrategyIn the previous tutorial Fantasy Football Projections I went over draft day and what players to look out for. That is just the beginning of the battle though in Fantasy Football.

If you are in a pay league and money is up for grabs, the only way you can win consistently is to have a plan.

In this tutorial I’ll provide you with a complete Fantasy Football Strategy. You’ll understand when to trade and how to plan for the playoffs all year long. I provide tons of stats on defensive schedules and numerous other stats.

Fantasy Football Defense Analysis

In the previous tutorial I showed defensive stats based off of real world defensive stats. Here I instead rank the defensive schedules based on how many fantasy points they are expected to give up. Weak teams are light in color, while strong teams are dark.

This will allow you to find the best opportunities to maximize your fantasy points week to week.
Fantasy Defense Analysis

Here are all of the teams ranked based on who has the easiest schedule based on opponent rushing and passing defenses.

Fantasy Schedule Ranks

Fantasy Player Stats

Here I provide you with numerous stats on each player. I have expert rankings, projected fantasy points, 2010 fantasy points, average draft positions, etc.

Fantasy Player Rankings

My Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Here is my current cheat sheet. I stick to it while taking advantage of any surprises that come up during the draft.

My Fantasy Cheat Sheet

I wish you the best of luck this season. If you have any questions, comments, or fantasy football strategies that you use post them below.

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