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HTTPS CertificateI’ve received numerous emails on what is a HTTPS Certificate? The reason everyone is asking is because Facebook as of October 1st is going to require all app developers to purchase one if they want to continue making Facebook apps.

In this tutorial, I’ll explain what a HTTPS Certificate, or a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate is. I’ll also walk you step by step through the process of getting one.

I use Go Daddy for hosting, so my installation will be based on that fact. Most hosting companies will be very similar though.

What is a HTTPS Certificate

This certificate is more commonly known as a SSL Certificate, but anyone will know what you mean if you use either term.

The issuer of a SSL Certificate is approving the validity of the website it issued the certificate for. That same authority is stating by issuing the certificate that the website is safe for carrying out business transactions.

Put simply, I trusted issuer of certificates states by giving your site a certificate that you are who you say you are and it is safe to do business with you.

What Types of HTTPS Certificates are there

There are both dedicated and shared certificates. A dedicated certificate is only good for one domain name, while a shared one covers numerous sites. I personally would never get a shared certificate to save a few dollars, but I leave that to you.

How Does SSL Work

When a web browser connects to a secured website these steps occur:

  • The browser asks the website to provide proof of its identity
  • The server (Your Website) sends the HTTPS Certificate as proof
  • The browser checks if the certificate is legit
  • If the browser trusts the certificate an encrypted channel is opened
  • Information is now passed back and forth until the connection is dropped
Each SSL Certificate consists of a public key and a private key. The public key is used to encrypt information and the private key is used to decipher it. That is why this transaction is extremely secure.
How to Setup a HTTPS Certificate
Here are the steps I used to get a HTTPS Certificate at Go Daddy.
  • Login to your account
  • Click on SSL & Security in the menu
  • I always get a Standard SSL / 1 Domain / 1 Year
  • Purchase it
Now that you have purchased the certificate, I’ll show you how to set it up in the pictures below. Click on SSL Certificates under My Products on the left side of the screen on Go Daddy.
You’ll see the following on the page. Click on Use Credit and the Continue Button on the right side of the screen.
Go Daddy HTTPS Certificate

Now the screen below opens. Click on the link Manage Certificate.

Go Daddy SSL Certificate Setup

Now click on Request Certificate on the page below.

Go Daddy SSL Certificate Setup

Select your hosting plan which will almost definitely be the first option. Pick the domain name you want to associate with the certificate. Leave everything else as is and click Next.

Go Daddy SSL Certificate Setup 4

Again click on Next below.

Go Daddy SSL Certificate Setup 5

Now click on finished.

Go Daddy SSL Certificate Setup 6

You’ll receive an email like the one below very soon.

Go Daddy SSL Certificate Setup 7

This is what it looks like if you would go to a site without a certificate, but proceeded with https instead of the normal http.

Go Daddy SSL Certificate Setup 8

This is what happens if a site is certified.

SSL Certificate Is Valid

Go Daddy will handle setting everything up for you and that is one of the reasons I like dealing with them. I think that should handle any questions you may have. If not leave a comment below.

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