Create a WordPress Theme 3

Create a WordPress Theme 3In this part of my WordPress Theme Tutorial I fix all of the CSS for the main blog page. I layout the sidebars and fix up any errors that may have come out while making this theme.

All of the code from this tutorial is available in part 1 of this tutorial here Create a WordPress Theme. You can use the code however you’d like.

Feel free to also download the theme. It is free to use as well.

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6 Responses to “Create a WordPress Theme 3”

  1. Number says:

    alert(‘Great tutorials’);

  2. jay says:

    thank you for your tutorials. although I found some hard times catching with you. Its still worth it. thanks! 🙂

  3. Yusuf Ali says:

    Derek, Great contribution I must say you have made… to most people… Stay blessed and keep helping.

    I’m right now in a dilemma that my navigation bar is not visible on localhost page and when I done an “inspect element” there was not anything with id=”navigation” . This is making me very confused…

    Do reply soon.

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