Create a WordPress Theme 4

Create a WordPress Theme 4Here I show you how to make single.php, page.php and search.php. All of the code and theme is available here Create a WordPress Theme 1. You should definitely check out that video before you watch this one.

As well, I show you how to retrieve post data like post authors, dates, categories, comments and articles.

We are almost done with the theme!

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  1. supprof1 says:

    thank you derek
    sorry for the last time mistake i was all most sleeping
    i can’t miss any one of your tutorials
    thank yoou very mutch

  2. supprof1 says:

    thank you derek it was awesome
    my be a register page form and login and logout
    can’t untill the next time

  3. Ibrahim says:

    hi derek my ibrahim and i said 2 u thank u very much and i need to contact you plz let me know ur email plzzzzzzzz

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