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Wordpress Problems SolvedI’ve created numerous WordPress Video Tutorials. Here I provide you with an easy location to find all 40 of them.

I cover how to install WordPress on a development system. As well I provide a deep understanding of Taxonomies, Shortcodes, WP Nav Menu, the WordPress database and much more.

All of the code and the original articles follow all of the videos.

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9 Responses to “WordPress Video Tutorials”

  1. supprof1 says:

    this is the coolest website that i’ve ever seen
    thank you derek for what you are doing

  2. A website is a reflection of your personality even though it is ostensibly for your business establishment.

  3. muhammad Ashar says:

    cool work dear, keep it going and best of luck and hoping new good topics in future



    • admin says:

      Thank you 🙂 The following topics are planned for the future:
      1. Creating a WordPress Shopping Cart
      2. Making Cross Browser Sites
      3. Ruby
      4. Java (Maybe Android App Development)
      5. Massive Electronics Tutorial
      6. Cellular & Microscopic Biology
      7. Numerous Chemistry Experiments (Focus on Forensics)
      8. Options and Derivatives Tutorial
      9. More Psychology Tutorials

      I hope they are of interest to you? Thanks Derek

  4. Rob says:

    Hey there,

    Has there been many changes since these videos have been made which may affect the relevance ? Look like great videos, and wanted to get a start on better understanding WordPress.

    Look forward to hearing form you.


    • Derek Banas says:

      Hi Rob, Everything I teach in these tutorials definitely still applies with the newest version of WP. Most of what I do here was done using WP 3.2 and it isn’t much different from WP 3.5.

  5. nag says:

    awesome website.. very useful for learners …. plz keep going on

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