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As I look for interesting websites, I normally am not impressed. I’m actually amazed that most every corporate website is either boring, or poorly laid out.

So, I gathered some of my favorite designs here. I tried to focus on sites that had both a great layout as well as typography.

I tried to avoid picking sites that had brilliant photos, or illustrations. I did this so I could focus on great layouts above all else.

If anyone would like to contribute wonderful designs I have missed, leave them in the comments below.

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9 Responses to “Awesome Web Designs”

  1. supprof1 says:

    hi derek thank you for this awesome series of designs. the first question that came to my brain, after founding your website. this gay has some awesome tutorials. but!!! he didn’t made his own design to his website. i told myself may be he isn’t a good designer (sory for that). but the inspiration is some thing that we have or haven’t. it can’t be learnd.
    my be you will make in the future a series a photoshop webdesign to show me how mutch i am wrong.

    • admin says:

      I get this question all of the time. I designed my own design when I first started. I then completely redesigned it the next week. After I had made 11 completely different designs I realized I had to stop. That’s why I bought a theme that I couldn’t easily change. Elegant themes are nice looking but very messy code wise.

      If I kept remaking themes for my site I wouldn’t have ever had time to add actual content 🙂 So that is the reason I use someone else’s design. I hope that makes sense.

      I’ll try to make a tutorial that explains how I make web designs soon.

      • supprof1 says:

        You’ve always the best anser. full and adequate response. thank you derek. there always be a good raison. learning from is always pleasure and honor. we learn from not how to program or how to do a specific task. but also how this life goes.
        thank you derek for sharing with us your experiences.

  2. supprof1 says:

    i’m a bad designer. i didn’t have that designer touch. i admit am not a good designer.

  3. alex says:

    You can also check out a new fresh corporate website from a web company based in Athens, Greece.

  4. supprof1 says:

    i did a lot of photoshop web design tutorials but. i still haven’t this artistic touch. now if you are going show me the way and somme effective techniques to make the most common web effects. it will be another thing great that i will learn from you.
    thank derek for your concern. very kind from you

    • admin says:

      I web design tutorial is going up today. I use mainly free tools for everything. The only tool that costs money is Adobe Illustrator, but Inkscape is a free alternative.

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