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Think Tank LogoI get asked the question, what is your website about, all of the time. Today I’ll try to make sense of it.

I started this website to provide a free education on topics that aren’t necessarily covered else where. At times it looks like all I cover is programming, but that definitely isn’t true.

Below I’ll try to show you all of what I cover here. You can see everything here.

I focus on the following topics at this time: Web Development, WordPress Development, Marketing, Sales, Psychology, Personality Tests, Dieting, Financials, Recipes and a few other random topics. Click on any of these links to jump to that topic.

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Web Development

I have hundreds of tutorials on web development. I literally have almost 100 videos just dedicated to WordPress Development. I make both slow versions of tutorials and fast tutorials. I provide a list of everything here:

WordPress Video Tutorial

Anyone that has been to my site knows I love WordPress. It is an amazing free CMS. It seems like I learn about a great new feature every day. For that reason I decided to create numerous WordPress tutorials.

As of now I’m still the only person to create a free video tutorial that shows you how to make themes from scratch. You can find over 70 tutorials here WordPress How To.

Marketing Video Tutorials

I used to make marketing tutorials all of the time. At one point though I felt like I had covered just about anything. If I missed some thing you want covered leave a comment below. Here is what I’ve done:

Sales Video Tutorials

I used to write sales scripts and was pretty successful in sales. I thought it would be nice to provide all that I learned about sales for free. These sales techniques are based on psychology and have been tested.

Psychology Video Tutorials

I’ve always found psychology to be extremely interesting. I used to have to study decision making and body language when I created my sales scripts. I thought it would be interesting to provide all of the research I had consumed in a set of articles and videos. Here they are:

Personality Test Tutorials

Personality testing has changed my life. The one thing I never liked about personality tests though was that they weren’t easy to use. So, I cut out all of the jargon, but still use the most professional and accurate tests.

I’m extremely proud of both the results and the free reports I was able to put together. Here they are:

Dieting Articles and Videos

I spent a great deal of my life trying to lose weight. I was taken advantage of by the supposed gurus, just like so many other people. So, one of the first things I covered was how to lose weight. I did lose 85 lbs and have never been healthier.

I’m extremely happy to show you how I did it without spending money on supplements or anything else:

Financial Video Tutorials

I spent 5 years in the financial industry. The worst 5 years of my life, but I did learn a few things. Here is some information that stock brokers don’t want you to know. I also cover the basics of financial statements:


Here are some of my favorite recipes:

A Few More Tutorials

4 Responses to “What is New Think Tank”

  1. Guest says:

    Thanks for everything you’ve been providing free education topics listed on this page. I will take time to watch all of your videos.

  2. Chrilles says:


    I would love to see some tutorials about how Custom Post Types works – with some of the available plugins. I mean the whole concept from creating one (there are a few) and especially how to design or style a pages that uses custom post types. I have a very hard time figuring out the steps you need to do – to complete a page.

    Thanks a lot for providing some great (other) tutorials.

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