Convert Any Video Format for Free

Convert Any Video Format for FreeI recently went to Niagara Falls and I needed a program to convert MTS files. Most of the programs cost $40 plus, but then I found Handbrake.

Handbrake converts most any video formats to a handful of modern ones being MP4 and MKV. Handbrake converts videos for Mac as well as PCs.

It is an extremely easy program to use. Just follow the directions below while saving yourself $40.

How to Convert Videos for Free

First download and install Handbrake. Then follow these directions:

  • Click source and find your first video
  • If you have more than one video click Add to Queue
  • It normally makes sense to select Large File Size
  • I leave everything else set to the default options
  • Click the Start button and save the converted video to the directory of your choosing

If you are on a PC, there are numerous options for now editing your video. If you are on a Mac you probably want to convert videos for iMovie. To import your converted movie into iMovie, just make a new Event, right click on that event and select import movies. That’s it!

Here is my most recent Niagara Falls HD Video.

Niagara Falls HD Video

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