Followers/Following Ratio

Best Twitter #FollowBacks for June 2012 ( This Changes Every Week )

  1. @MistressKayln
  2. @ShiLove7
  3. @Se_Cheese
  4. @DJFrankieee
  5. @loremar50
  6. @HNitzberg
  7. @romeldj
  8. @ghostdevil
  9. @BarryBirkett
  10. @bhanu_love
  11. @ridddz
  12. @kiacoco1
  13. @GreenwoodTec
  14. @fev_rides_again
  15. @54321fogooo
  16. @_Heliosoares
  17. @beacon126
  18. @3broski
  19. @PrincessPrisca9
  20. @iConleth
  21. @guaramay
  22. @eleesha
  23. @leaobranco_
  24. @ReinahMorena
  25. @TheDaybreaker
  26. @Twiittal
  27. @RCToyPalace
  28. @Docs357
  29. @JavaJoeMyspace
  30. @TJFJesterJules
  31. @chuy_beto
  32. @BrunoEleonora
  33. @CompanyTeamwork
  34. @TalsonTJose
  36. @Mumthazeer3
  37. @legna1212
  38. @davidplatt17
  39. @leemeade77
  40. @SCRIBBLE1978
  41. @NicolasBlue62
  42. @JAYWHITE_1978
  43. @angels97N
  44. @MagicFairyZue
  45. @sscoop4
  46. @estebacol
  47. @vero_3031
  48. @sandrawalker875
  49. @marielabravo21
  50. @Stinkfoo
  51. @Flavia_0201
  52. @pazpeacelove13
  53. @ajcampos01
  54. @ArKira_Sandy
  55. @SageAine1
  56. @TedBraverman
  57. @TakeshiMusic411
  58. @deadcrazyzombie
  59. @paizaojulius
  60. @megafollow1
  61. @CheekyisMonkey
  62. @danielfebri
  63. @Mellybean_Clan6
  64. @BananaBitch1
  65. @Calypso_BC
  66. @timkatent
  67. @NLaurenp
  68. @jamesmassie007
  69. @MauricioOgura
  70. @menasa56
  71. @javelini11
  72. @compassiom
  73. @Cris_Abdalla
  75. @PublicacionVzla
  76. @gr8benj
  77. @JoeJoeKeys
  78. @Culver_Music
  80. @MotherRose1
  81. @Im_jr27
  82. @CelticMoonDance
  83. @Mily116
  84. @anvy2446
  85. @Hetitor432
  86. @divafied04
  87. @Discipulo17
  88. @RTtheBEST
  89. @chains101Β 
  90. @Gonsein
  91. @psTRUTH4U
  92. @ConnieImage
  93. @ImperatoreChico
  94. @wesleiijean
  95. @babfari
  96. @Wulffy
  97. @boezim
  98. @Roxanita67
  99. @marciamattosnu
  100. @jleonso
  101. @MajSuccess
  102. @edu_montana
  103. @TwiterHero

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